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The real "journalist" thread


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Oct 8, 2011
I thought this tid-bit was interesting:

Using the media to 'light a fire'
Associate Professor Leaver said the media played a huge role in inciting outrage and tension on social media.

"It would be a wonderful world if we had a lot less clickbait," he said.

"[As a reporter], if you can't leave your desk and you've got three hours and you have to file something, then finding a hot-button issue Facebook group and screenshotting the most contentious thing said in that group could be the basis for a clickbait story that a lot of people are going to read, react and comment on.

"It's not really journalism, it's just lighting a fire and seeing who walks in to either put it out or make it worse."

Associate Professor Leaver said stories lifted and re-written by other media outlets to compete in the fast-moving 24-hour news cycle led to an echo chamber of reporting.

"It is cheap and nasty reporting," he said.

"Often what it ends up doing is nobody fact checks the original post — nobody goes back to the source and says did this really happen or did this really mean the way it's being read?

"Because of that, you can get a whole chain of reporting across a number of different sites, a number of different platforms and indeed a number of different countries that is basically a misrepresentation of what somebody said in the first place.

"It doesn't necessarily cross a legal barrier, but it's an ethical question."


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Mar 31, 2015
Gee Kenty on NRL 360 really wanting to let the world know Manlys game plan and their so called messy tactics against raiders, got Cronk in for questioning dialled up Ricky,now stating the refs that relax the whistle in the finals that its an advantage for manly and allows them to play messy...WTF is this a cry to the refs and the nrl to watch us???
Get a life ya moron, Melbourne have been playing"messy" for years, he must have had raiders in a multi or something.
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Apr 28, 2016

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