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The Premiership is ours to lose!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Central Coast Eagle, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Central Coast Eagle

    Central Coast Eagle Active Member

    +108 /2
    Ok so i've had about 120 bourbons, BUT with the way we have played that half of football NOBODY will beat us if we continue it for the rest of the season!

    fire truck yeah!
  2. AshfieldBazza

    AshfieldBazza Active Member

    +57 /0
    If anything we could be ahead by more, we had the Storm on the rack before the wolfman injury. that break helped the Storm recoup definitely. But definitely a great half of football
  3. Terry-Randal

    Terry-Randal Active Member

    +45 /0
    Our biggest threat is injuries. We have lost three top players Hoppa King Wolfman for the season. I dont think we can win with all this anymore. These last 2 games manly should have rested all their players and made sure we have a team for the semis. coming 2nd or third doesnt matter. next week put the whole nsw cup team in.
  4. Fro

    Fro Well-Known Member

    +302 /0
    where do you get Wolfman gone for the season from??
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    • Brookie4eva

      Brookie4eva Well-Known Member

      +213 /2
      The possible suspensions and injuries will bite us hard.
    • mr seagles

      mr seagles Active Member

      +27 /0
      OUR SEASON IS OVER............they always say footballers have no BRAINS
      thanks GLEN,BRETT,LUSSICK for throwing the season AWAY.....
    • Moops

      Moops Well-Known Member

      +520 /35
      We have been committing football suicide since March 2009. Melbourne and Manly have been the best two teams for the last five years but really have only won one comp between them (2008). You have to take advantage of these eras
    • conanu

      conanu Well-Known Member

      +2,445 /46
      That was my gf last night. I think we were so intent on bashing Melbourne we lost sight of the big goal. And once again no storm players injured fair dinkum they have done a deal with Satan apart from cronk those bastards don't get injuries.

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