The Poll - My thoughts on Hoppa

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Journey Man
I didn't get a chance to vote, and have to say, while I think Hoppa lacks pace, he certainly makes up for it in power, intimidation, and experience. I admit at the start of the year I was concerned with his inclusion, but his teaming with Terry Hill was beautiful to watch. Our whole defencive unit was a lot stronger, and we were letting in FAR less points with him on the field.

For mine, and only after watching him in his early games this year, Hoppa is a legend, and I would LOVE to see him on the wing in a fortnight.

01. Brett Stewart
02. John Hopoate
03. Tery Hill
04. Ashley Alberts
05. Chris Hicks

That's a good defensive backline.

Bring him on I reckon.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
we only played 1.45 games with him on the field.

He go sent of just before half time in the second game of the season. Hard to really compare that record against the rest of the season really


Journey Man
I disagree Dan. He actually played 4.45 games including the trials. In all of those games, we were tight when giving away points.

Hoppa has given a lot of his life to Manly, and frankly, it's good to see a Manly player with passion on the park.

I'd welcome back Hoppa on the wing with no quams at all. I guarantee we'd see some stiff defence on his side. I here he's lost heaps of weight, is quicker and stuff.

He's almost like another forward remember. He makes many, many metres every game he plays.

I think he's a great player.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
You have to have a look at the scores in the trials as well dude

- Tigers - we let in 26
- Dragons - We let in ??? not sure
- Game 1 we let in 20
- Game two we let in points when we were a man down because of Hoppa


Journey Man
It has nothing to do with his performance ON the field.

It has everything to do with just how much he will tarnish the image of the club.

I'd rather miss the finals without him than make the finals with him.



Journey Man
Mata - I don't consider an accidental head high as an off field misdemeanor. Yep...all the other stuff, but you'll find a lot is related to football, or the passion thereof. The heat of the moment so to speak.
I bet if you spoke to the current players, they'd all say he is an asset to the game. Not just some X referee like Harrigon.
I'm not disrespecting your view, but I just think he would still add a lot of value.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
2 wrongs dont make a right!

You can bring him back but he is going to counter any good he does with another "accident"


Journey Man

We've covered all this crap before - which is exactly my point.

We don't need this garbage back to slurry our name. He is a rotten carcass best left in the footballing grave.


that wasnt an accident it was a horror smash!

i dont think you will find anyone here who doesnt love the way Hoppa plays , his passion etc and it certainly is missing.

BUT is anyone willing to deal with the baggage that comes with it YET AGAIN !


I reckon he's bloody over rated anyway. Slow, out of position all day, can't turn and chase. Then the penalties, off field issues. No way.
i agree totally with this stage of his carrer he is way overrated.surely people can see we have enough problems with our captain and the refs.we dont need more.

obviously none of these save the hoppa posters remember his penalty against the dogs while in possession in the 95 gf.that says it all IMO.good bloke but has no idea of the consequences of his brain explosions.bye bye hoppa.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Brain explosions is right. Time to look to the future rather than the past.

Hoppa is also not deserving of a special send-off either.

Whilst double standards exist and he has had a wear a reputation, he made his bed and has to lie in it. Loved his work in 95, 96 but it is time to face up to the future!!
thats hoppa.plays great all year in 95 and then pulls that stunt in a pivotal moment in the gf.there is no obvious evidence that suggests he will not do something stupid every time he goes out there.thats the difference between him and hill.they both sledge all day but tezza normally knows where that fine line is between staying on the field or leaving it.


Exactly right. Just stupid things like last year against the Panthers at Brookie. Rooney makes a break down the sideline, Stewart takes him in to touch with a beautiful textbook tackle, and Hoppa runs in and slaps Rooney on the face. It's just stupid, mind you the only reason Rooney made the break was because Hoppa came off his wing as usual and helped create the overlap.

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