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Journey Man
Well the sun was shining and the crowd swarmed in with a season record of more than 19K.

Having won Flegg and PL i was fairly confident that we would come away with the points, little did i know we would only play 1 half of the game.

In the first half we started well and were on top of the bunnies scoring early on. King was running hard and Kite was his usual good self. The we creacked the 10 minute mark and we turned into a PL side. King and Kite seemed to dissapear and Orford decided to kick to the fullback at the end of every set. I was thinking how lucky we were that Peachey wasnt there with all that ball. Souths took the lead but werent able to get away from us and luckily we scored to go into the break down by 2 points.

Half time couldnt have come quick enough and boy did it make a difference. You have to feel BK and Des tore them a new one. There was a huge difference in the second half visiable from the chase of the kick off and soon we took the lead. Orford found his feat and started to create havoc. Points began to flow and if we had held onto a couple of passes or kicks it could easily have been 50.

Beavers hands were poor again today dropping 2 balls that should have been taken.
Watmough looked better for the run last week and created opportunity in the 2nd
Stewy was on fire at the back, seemed to watch robbo in the first half show him how to return a kick.
Bell was good but didnt get enough flowing ball
Matai - scored two, let in one so came out on top this week.
Both monas and dunley were dangerous from dummy half but when monas went off in the first half our ruck defence fell in a heap


Reserve Grader
The ground announcer must have had a hard-on for Rose. Every time he took the ball up you could hear him cry "Gorgous George!" Hell, he even started to direct traffic when we were up at there end, saying "Give the ball to George!". I reckon we should get Toovey on that thing, it just means he has to run less:p


Although we weren't very flash in the first half it must be said that it wasn't until about 10 - 15 mins into the second half that souths actually incompleted a set!!

So, credit goes to the bunnies there.. they played quite well for the entire first half and about 10 - 15 into the second half


imo we never got into second gear.

So considering we pumped them. Thats a good thing. No Injuries. Job done. Proffessional performance.

Dogs next..


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I really wanted to get there today and am dissapointed i didnt make it. Damn moving house. I have to do it again in a few weeks as well. 3 times in one year is too many. But glad we got a win. We need to win one of our next two matches o we will not finish top 4


Journey Man
Last game against Dogs @ Brookie...Should be a belter..I wonder if BK will play. If not, and we lose, he may have played his last game @ Brooky ever....


We will beat the dogs this week... they have a few injuries and last game at brookythe boys will put in a big one.

IMO all day on sunday the boys mind was on this game... hence why we never really got out of second gear just did enough to win it

All energy and focus is for this game


Premium Member
IMO all day on sunday the boys mind was on this game... hence why we never really got out of second gear just did enough to win it

Yesterdays game showed the importance of Kennedy to this side. Not only his customary 200 metres but for me yesterday it was the lack of leadership that was shown up to be glaringly obvious.

When Kennedy plays you can see him driving players on, not only with the "do as I say" but also the "do as I do" credo.

For a lot of the 1st half they played as if they expected that the game was going to be won, rather than do the hard work that was necssary to build the victory.

Regardless of what team the Bulldogs play with on Friday if we play sans Kennedy we will be at very long odds to win.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I think we can win. Dogs have not much to play for, they are at a low ebb. They will come out firing but we have the firepower to do it. Will be a good test for our pack. Sonny Bill will play in the Centre.

If we have any hope of doing anything but limply falling off at the end of the season we have to do well in this game.


I agree that our team, especially in the first half, lacked direction without BK.

I lay the blame at the senior players like King and Beaver who should have been driving the team on in BK's absence.


Journey Man
It's also an insight into 07, which is why I harp at getting an adequate replacement for BK.

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