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Look, we're never going to agree on this. I'm not saying I don't feel for Monaghan but sometimes the club has to make tough calls to do what they think is in the best interests of the club.

It may not seem like this is in our best interests, but I do reckon our admin and coaching staff have done enough to at least earn the right for us to wait and see how this all pans out.

Protest marches etc will achieve nothing much more than distracting our admin at a time when the off field action really hots up on 30 June and will also take attention away from the on field exploits of our players.

So let's have this one thread to discuss Monaghan from now on and it will be available for those that want to do so, and for those that don't, they can stay away.

I think I've said my piece for the moment so I'll stay away.

Let the rest of the Forum be for the discussion of other matters.


Good, Im a little sick of 100 monaghan thread cluttering up the board.

Now, to my opinion. Hoenstly I would be less worried about this issue if we had another half named. It worries me that Monas is not getting a contract while "I" do not know who will be replacing. Even you will agree mata that Monas is better than nothing. However if Orford is the man, give him to us now.

You raised the interesting point in a recent topic that monas may have objected to his contract being for the Hooking role. That would certainly throw a different spin on the whole saga.
I'd better practice what I preach.

Look - this whole saga will probably have a lot more context in 2 months time.

My real concern is that Banaghan is involved in a legal case with Orford's manager and I wouldn't be surprised if he's using this whole saga to serve his own agenda - a court agenda.

He's not going to want to go into court on a defamation charge and say that he heard on "hearsay" that Orford had talked to Manly, is he?
The club has handled the TERRIBLY. The bad press is a joke and this will probably effect the team!
I really wonder how this is gonna affect our on Field Performance
How the Hell does Mona's Get him self up for Games ?
Mona's is a professional footballer and he will be keen as anything to prove the club wrong.

I don't think he should be sacked and it may have little impact at all once his future is settled one way or another. It is more the reaction of the fans and his manager that is the issue!
Reaction of the fans? We didn't hang the dirty washing in the papers for almost a month! It is a giant issue and fans are entitled to have an opinion on it once it became VERY public knowledge. The manager was always the issue IMO.
The fans want him to stay except for the minority.

If the fans aren't happy with the way things are handled they react. Whatever happens this situation has ben a joke!
jesus, keep monas. had a great kicking game against the roosters. kept minichello worried. his proved himself in the last 2 games, that they've challenged. and now his done it. what more do they want from him. and like six said, i dont know how monas can get up for these games, with all this pressure and accusations of asking for more cash, etc. and even so his risen above it and performed a solid performance. go monas!
I'm concearned about this issue causing instability in the club, not just to matters directly regarding Monas but with all the other players as well. Nobody has been more loyal & passionate about getting this club back to where it belongs than him (on field that is, PC, Max & the boys are on a whole different level). His commitment has been met with contempt. I don't know how much this is due to that fcukwit manager of his and I'm sure alot of it is, I just hope that he hasn't been completely shat on as it seems, because that is unfair to him & could be seen as a worry to the other players who might not feel so secure or enthusiastic anymore.
This club needs passion from it's players, it should be rewarded.

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