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The NRL Draw Rounds 21-26

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by HoldenV8, May 22, 2016.

  1. HoldenV8

    HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

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    Great news people. The draw from Round 21 has been released (about a week ago actually) and we have one more 5 day turnaround to come making it 6 for the year.

    We play Souffs at the SFS on Monday 25 July (Rd.20) in the last round of the originally released draw. In Round 21 we play Newcastle at Brookvale on Saturday 30 July.

    Our only Ch.9 FTA game after round 20 is likely to be in the final round against Penrith (the only other game that day is St Merge vs Newcastle). This is because from the Newcastle game we play all Saturday's until the Penrith game which is a Sunday.

    Our Round 21-26 draw is:

    21 - vs Newcastle (Brookvale - Fox)
    22 - vs Speels (Pirtek - Fox)
    23 - vs Dogs (ANZ - Fox)
    24 - vs Storm (Brookvale - Fox)
    25 - vs Canberra (Brookvale - Fox)
    26 - vs Penrith (Pepper - Nein/Fox)

    From what I can tell (based on the days they are playing), the breakdown of Ch.9 games from Round 21 will be:

    Thursday - Dogs vs St Merge
    Friday - Titans vs Sharks
    Sunday - Speels vs Tigpies / Souffs vs Raiders (Double Header at ANZ)

    Thursday - Sharks vs Raiders
    Friday - Titans vs Warriors
    Sunday - Penrith vs Chooks or St Merge vs Brisbane

    Thursday - Brisbane vs Speels
    Friday - Raiders vs Storm
    Sunday - St Merge vs Sharks or Chooks vs NQ

    Thursday - Broncos vs Dogs
    Friday - Raiders vs Speels
    Sunday - Penrith vs Tigpies or Souffs vs Sharks

    Thursday - Dogs vs NQ
    Friday - Sharks vs Chooks
    Sunday - Warriors vs Tigpies or Knights vs Souffs

    Thursday - Brisbane vs Chooks
    Friday - Dogs vs Souffs
    Sunday - Penrith vs Manly or St Merge vs Knights

    Not bad, the team that finished 12th last year and has been caught salary cap cheating will have had 11, possibly 12 games on Nein by the end of the minor round. More evidence (for mine) that the lightness of their penalty from the NRL was more commercially driven than anything.
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    • ManlyArmy

      ManlyArmy Well-Known Member

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      Got a link?

      Doubt that they would make their mind up this early. Usually isn't until Round 16, so they have the teams shaping for finals to have the best timeslots for TV.

      Also, Channel 9 take control of the Saturday 7:30pm fixture for Rounds 23-26
    • SeaEagleRock8

      SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Except if we somehow sneak into 8th position we'll have a 5 day turnaround to our knockout semi?

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