The need for decisive action

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Journey Man
I've behaved myself for quite a few weeks now, and don't really want to break that record, but there are a few things that need to be said.

1. This is with the benefit of hindsight, but Zorba's article on Saturday defending Hoppa now looks incredibly ill-advised. Most knew that the ball boy scandal was a storm in the tea cup, but I don't know what is achieved by a prominent club official coming out in support of him so publically. Give Hoppa an inch and he'll take a mile. Point proven on the weekend. i think he honestly believed that he would continue to be protected from the consequences of his actions.

2. This surely is the final disgrace that Hopoate can bestow upon us! Surely we cannot afford to give him "one last chance" when we've given him five last chances already?

3. We are very lucky that Delmege is our sponsor this year and that he was the one that pushed for Hopoate's retention. He (along with Zorba) will surely be whiping egg off his face this morning and assessing the costs to his brand that this represents.

4. Reportedly Hoppa was paid $90,000 for this year. This is how much bang we received for our $90,000

<img src='' alt='' style='vertical-align:middle; border:0' />

The club MUST act decisively.

Hoppa must go!


Journey Man
I think it will be the end - they will act soon with any luck - before the jusdiciary would be best for the club


Journey Man
I'd imagine they'll have to wait until the judiciary has made it's decision - otherwise it will look as though we're pre-empting their decision on whether he is guilty or not. Check with Hopium but action before the case might be seen as prejudicious.


Journey Man
Yeah - wishful thinking on my behalf i guess.

It would save the club a lot of heartache.

Maybe he should stand himself down from the next game and then he will only get 3 weeks like someone did in another code


First Grader
Tipping Member
in response to matabele"s 4th point on this would hoppa"s contract hold ?. surely the club wouldnt have to honour his season contract ,with 1.25 matches into the season . i can understand when players get injured ,but how would a case like this play out ,when by the looks of it ,it was premeditated & careless.i know if i smacked out a co-worker ,i wouldnt be receiving my salary!!,


UFO Hunter
I presume he had an agreement along the lines of "Behave or Be Sacked".

Id say manly went into his latest contract with a contract termination agreement with specific guidelines to how he needs to perform.


Journey Man
It all depends on the nature of the contract. Often players receive half of the salary druing the pre-season and the rest after playing the first game.

Hopefully Hoppa's contract had incentives for good behaviour or was match payments only.


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if his contract had anything to do with matches played ,atleast it may be a extra eighty five grand for us to spend on another player next year !,who i would bet wouldnt give away stupid penalties & bring constant bad press to the club week after week.saying this ,their will be a hole left in that side of the field .whoever slips into that position will no doubt have more speed & brain cells than hoppa ,but will they have the same intimidation factor & be running hit-ups as well as the winger formally known as hoppa.i think it was something like 10 hit-ups & 70 odd metres by the time he was sent from the field ....


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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Creary has deserved a spot for year. he im,pressed me when he first played 2 years ago for hoppa. He should have had a run over koala a few times last year, and I was surprised he didnt get one


They will have to terminate the contract, anything less the club will be the laughing stock of the comp (who's to say it isn't atm with all the chances we've given him, and he has made management look like fools).

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Depends what is written into the contract. Otherwise he serves his supsension and it is bye-bye at the end of the season.

I would like to have the money to pick up a centre - we are preciously short of them IMHO!

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