The Natives are Restless on MSE

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I just saw this thread on MSE: Most of the action is on page 2.

It gave me a good laugh. (Don't start another series of defamatory comments on here please.)

It appears though, in reading between the lines that (once again) the assumption is that any negative comments or subversive agenda that appears on MSE are the fault of posters on either this forum (considering many of us have been banned at one time or another.) There can only be one much banned poster to which is referred to on Page 2 of the thread

Whilst I don't agree with this Preacher Man (and he is certainly trying to mimic the style of one or the other of our members) his point about criticism is certainly a point in view. He goes over the top though in trying to offend and shake the 'rattlesnakes' on that forum from their slumber, rather successfully too I must say.


That's gold- Preacher Man sounds a bit familiar and WAMF had some great calls on sidey.
DJ Spook...I always get a laugh out of his posts- total loser!


Wherever a tosser is plying his trade, Sideline and Spook are never far behind doing their best to clean up the mess.

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Defending Truth, justice and the Sea Eagle way!!! My main concern is that somehow people here will be blamed for someone deliberately trying to stir the pot.


Who cares what they think.
If Silvertails followed their rules and rationale we would all be banned except for a few.

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