The Most Important Game of the Year

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10 am on a Monday morning but it has already been posted (on another thread) that the Bulldogs game against the 2004 Premiers at the fortress this Sunday could be the most important game of the year! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Seriously it is a vital test for the Sea Eagles, as after a few mediocre weeks there is a chance to announce ourselves as a top four threat against the injury riddled premiers at home at 'Fortress Brookvale'.


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Do they count as injury riddled?

They have a few missing - Mason and SBW in the forwards and a back or 2 but is it any more the 3 or 4?

Omealy and myles and one other are back


To me, any win against the doggies is ALWAYS the most important win of the year. I'd LOVE to see them miss the eight. Don't think it'll happen though.

On recent form and on past head-to-heads, we're underdogs to the (chunder)dogs.

:bdh: P.S. That's a dead dog (not horse) that's being beaten


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can't believe we got a "most importnat game ofthe year" post Monday morning. Must be some kind of record


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It is important for team morale. Beating the dogs twice in a year would set us up for a strong finish.


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I hope the bookies put up the fat end of the odds on Manly as I am going to wade in this week. I have said all year the Doggies looked weak and I questioned whether they would make the 8. They get the most inconsistent team award this season and they are ripe for a good Sea Eagle thrashing.


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Every game is as important as the last when you have as much to prove as manly does this season.

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Perry is looking dodgy (not doggy) this week as well as he suffered a serious injury. Only watched part of the Dogs Raiders game but what I saw of O'Meley had me worried. He was strong and Asotasi was also very good. Anasta and Sherwin added creativity and they put the Raiders to the sword pretty effectively.


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King Kite and Lulu are expected back with Bryant or Cleal to add to that if needed. We should be able to match them no worries

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