The Most Important Game In Manly's 77 Year History

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I have been supporting Manly for 37 years now. I changed from Penrith to Manly when I was 11 going on 12, some time in January 1987. I chose wisely. We won the premiership that year.

I have been blessed to experience many of our greats in this time in particular my favourite players such as Cliff Lyons, Toovey, Hasler, Menzies, Brett Stewart, Jamie Lyon, Turbo Tom, DCE etc

I am so happy that DCE gets to experience this and I am super excited for him and Tom in particular to get this opportunity to shine on the big stage, but also the rest of the boys to put on a great show.

There are many questions about this game and how the spectacle will pan out. The smaller field will really change the game in how it is played. For some reason I believe the conditions will favour Manly with our chosen squad. Don't be surprised to see a couple of sin bins in a fiery encounter. There will be a lot of contact earlier on.

Our game plan needs to be quiet simple. High tempo from the get go in attack. Quick speedy play the balls and a few dummy half runs. Get the Bunnies in the back foot. DCE, Tom, Brooks are all great runners and passers. We want to savour all of our possession and wear the Bunnies down.

We have the squad to put on a great show in a fairly tough grinding affair with some nice exciting attacking raids to win over the crowd.

Manly 25 Souths 12
Welcome on board and great to feel your Manly Passion feathered friend
A win will on this Historic Day is what the MANLY WAY is really all about
Winning is the Manly Way !
I am jumping out of my skin. I will be sitting on the floor right in front of my big screen tv lol

Manly are overdue for a resurgence and this is where it all starts. The biggest stage (yet smallest lol) ever in the History of the NRL and it is our 'home' game. We also have over 250 games extra experience in the halves with DCE and Brooks. Saab and Koula come back fresh with speed to burn and some extra wisdom. I'm sure DCE will probably try some magic with his attacking kicks if he sees that they have some space.
I think a win will also help secure some new US supporters. Imagine the Americans talking about Manly and players like Turbo, DCE, Brooksy and the like. This is a great opportunity to expand the Manly brand and show the US fans why they should follow this team and make it their favourite and 'home' team.
Let's go Manly 🦅
We are a side that plays week when we have been in camp. A lot of family support there for them and this group is pretty tight. Hopefully a great performance and A WIN.

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