The Menzies legacy to continue

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Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Sea Eagles stars prove their loyalty By Todd Balym
June 19, 2007
THE loyalty of Steve Menzies is starting to rub off at Manly with Anthony Watmough and Brett Stewart both keen to remain one-club players.
Watmough is close to finalising a new three-year deal with the Sea Eagles, while NSW fullback Stewart has been offered a massive contract to keep him at the club until the end of 2012.
NSW prop Brent Kite is also expected to sign a new three-year offer later this week, while discussions are also underway to secure coach Des Hasler until the end of 2010.
Stewart, labelled a "long term marquee player" by club chief executive Grant Mayer, said the influence of Menzies on the current generation of players was inspiring them to show loyalty to the club.
Menzies turned down lucrative offers from Parramatta and had interest from other clubs during his 15-year career and last week set a club record with his 310th first-grade appearance.
"I would like to see myself here for the rest of my career," said Stewart. "The likes of Steve Menzies have done it and to follow in his footsteps would probably be a dream.
"Having him around the club is enormous and I don't think he realises the impact he has on us younger blokes."
Stewart moved to Manly from Wollongong five years ago with older brother Glenn in a package deal.
St George Illawarra missed out on the now NSW fullback because they wouldn't sign his second row brother and now the Stewarts are part of the foundation Manly will build around after Glenn signed an extension earlier this season.
"We moved up five years ago and the club's been good to us so it'd be good to return the favour," said Brett Stewart.
Watmough, a Narrabeen junior, said he too is prepared to remain at the Eagles for his entire career after spurning strong interest from the Dragons.
"It's looking positive. I want to be playing here for many years to come," said Watmough. "I was very close - it was either going to be here or there.
"I'm a maroon-and-white boy through and through and hopefully I can stay a one-club man for the rest of my life."
Manly are currently second on the NRL table and with most of the squad settled for 2008 - only hooker Michael Monaghan is a confirmed departure.
Watmough hopes the team can stick together and chase premiership glory in the immediate future.
"We've got a good feeling around the joint and it's something that we've been building on for a couple of years," he said. "Hopefully we can all stick together and put a few wins on the board."


How bloody good is this, this could go on for years, hopefully the younger players in 10years time will look up to these 2 in the same way and it just continues and we establish something no other club has


UFO Hunter
Stewarts contract would have to be massive to lock him in for another 5 years.

He could be anything in a few years time. Whats the bet he's being given up around $400k?


Journey Man
"Manly are currently second on the NRL table and with most of the squad settled for 2008 - only hooker Michael Monaghan is a confirmed departure."



Journey Man
I thought the same Fluff....

It goes to show we are continuing under the radar a little more than we should be marked as the benchmark.

Anyway, I'm thinking the same way as that writer....Travis WHO???

Ballin for the 14 spot for mine.


UFO Hunter
I'm enjoying flying under the radar to be honest.

The rugby league public love to rip manly to pieces as it is.

The more we are hyped, the worse it feels as everyones crapping on about being pretenders.

Even if we win the Premiership the general census would be that the Storm were still the team to beat.

For some reason people seem to skip over the talent in our club. Thinking of it as a no-name team and wondering why we are winning.

Never do they ever actually consider who is in the side.


Every player has played some sort of rep footy. How many other sydney based clubs can hold claim to that many rep players in the squad?

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Looks like Jatz & Nutz were on the money. The players often listen to us you know !!!!!!!!!

Jatz Crackers Sun Jun 17
I would suggest Brett seek out Beaver and have a chat about the benefits of staying at one NRL club throughout their career. On top of the sibling aspect, stability, friendships, club loyalty (both ways), minimal contract dramas, fan admiration, community ties etc etc etc

Nutzcraw Sun Jun 17
Beat me to it Jatz. I reckon the beaver will be in his ear telling him to stay. I would be absolutely gutted if I saw him in a different jersey.


It's a gift Jatz! :lol:

This is excellent news... hopefully these guys will pass that attitude down to the next crop of youngsters and so on.

What a legend beaver is... if I were a woman...
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