The Legend Continues - Beaver!!!!

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The controversy associated with another player in the past three days have overshadowed the monumental achievements of the Greatest Tryscoring Forward of All time.

In case you missed it (and most of the Rugby League World did) the Beaver scored his 150th try last Sunday at Brookvale. This is a superb achievement and puts him up with the greats of the game.

It is a great disappointment that the NRL has not highlighted or publicised this record achievement. Barely a whimper marked the moment and the official NRL website hardly acknowledged the milestone. Surely significant moments and achievements such as this should be lauded and celebrated amongst the Rugby League fraternity.

Even last year when Steve Menzies finally broke the forward try scoring record at Kogarah there was barely a whimper from the NRL. Was there any special mention at the Dally Ms, on Grand Final day or in any official capacity. The record was one that had existed since the 1920s and the breaking of it was a significant mark in the history of this great game.

If it was Freddy or Sonny Bill or one of the 'latest' superstars it would have been all over the media and feted at award nights etc Look how cricket celebrates the breaking of records with Shane Warne, Steve Waugh, the opening partnership and Michael Clarke all being recognised when records are matched.

The Telegraph missed a great opportunity to have a commemorative poster marking this occasion - the NRL has a chance to do so in Big League this week but will they let this moment pass with scant recognition.

In an atmosphere in which the NRL is desperate for Good News stories to banish the negative publicity from the back pages, they have missed a perfect opportunity to do so. A role model and ornament of the game has not received the recognition or plaudits that he richly deserves and that the game desperately craves in its attempt to achieve public credibility with an increasingly disenchanted public.


Kim Jong Dan
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well said.

Beaver got a great standing ovation from the crowd and he thanked them for it
Journey Man
Good stuff CW

another reason why we want hoppa out - he takes away the attention of some of the great football moments of our time
Journey Man
What would you know about marketing Pepsi? ;)

It was amazing to hear the "Beaver" chant around the ground after he scored it. Who started it?

(I didn't hear bi-so yelling "we want 50" BTW)

CW, you should e-mail that to the club, the NRL and to the mob that do those tacky marketing things for Ch9 in the cricket.
Winging it
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BTTT The Beaver chant was awesome. A fantastic milestone for him.

The crowd was really stunned before half time and the workload shown by the boys in the second half was plenty enough. We could all see how hard they were putting in and asking them to kill themselves getting to 50 didn't seem like a real option. It was a great stand alone victory no matter the score.

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