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There were quite a number of players under scrutiny (especially from sue ridgepipe and matabele) as we came into the new season. After two rounds, here’s how they’re faring:

Monaghan – Not quite up to Allan Langer status yet but he’s played well and led the side around the park adequately. We will know where he stands after this weekend when he comes up against the man most favoured to replace him in the Manly Number 7 jumper next year.

Randall – Certainly hasn’t set the world on fire. Is deservedly under pressure from Dunley and possibly even Ballin.

Harris – Has been virtually invisible over two outings and must surely be looking over his shoulder for the recovery of Glenn Stewart. An expensive Premier League player on current form. I notice he had his hair cut after Reagan thought it was a cat. Reagan wasn’t talking about the hair.

Dunley – So far has been able to control his temper but worrying signs occurred in the last few minutes against the Sharks. His form though has generally been good.

Menzies – Supreme.

Hopoate – Will get what he deserves on Wednesday night.

Stephenson – Has been far more solid in defence than last year. Hasn’t had many opportunities with the ball.

Hill – Was inspirational last weekend and solid in the first half this week. His injury is a concern though.

– Out with another injury. Will we ever see him on the field to realise this potential we keep hearing about?

Witt – Solid in defence (far better than Walker) but takes a few wrong options in attack. Deserves time to settle in.

Watmough – Hasn’t committed too many errors and has popped up with some good tries. A pleasant surprise.
Generally accurate though I think you are being hard on Harris. What game time he has enjoyed has been good. His defence is improved. Kite and Kennedy have transformed the attack and released Menzies and Watmough to do what they do best.

Hecks is the unsung Hero who continues to do the hard yards up the middle!
Hecks is still a flaming champion.

And I have egg all over my face because I predicted he'd be dissapointing this year. !stupid:

Honestly, the only thing I noticed about Harris yesterday was his hair cut. What did he do?
Good stuff Mata short and sweat. A bit tough on Sam but he hasn't set the world on fire either!
id Harris play ? i must say, he did improve on last weekend, but he only had to run out the tunnel into position without tripping over to beat his previous weeks effort!

as for the discription of Orford, im pleased to know hes coming to manly, did i miss something ???? :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
he made like 20 tackles and didnt miss any. His cover defence was pretty good when on the field. I was impressed by Harris. Well played.
Ok guys - here it is...

Hecks --- has --- played ----- well ----- in ------ my ----- eyes ---- this ---- year ----- so ------ far !!!!!
Ryan holy **** you didnt just say that did you?

Are you feeling alright?
OMG what happened to the real Ryan.

Harris was good in defence - his attack still needs improvement but he is going the right way which has to be a good thing

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