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The "Italian" World Cup Team

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by COMMANDER, Oct 22, 2013.



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    A quality team of home grown talent.


    1 Anthony Minichiello (Sydney Roosters, captain)

    2 Josh Mantellato (Newcastle Knights)

    3 James Tedesco (Wests Tigers)

    4 Aidan Guerra (Sydney Roosters)

    5 James Saltonstall (Warrington Wolves)

    6 Ryan Ghietti (Northern Pride)

    7 Tim Maccan (Tweed Head Seagulls)

    8 Anthony Laffranchi (St Helens)

    9 Dean Parata (Parramatta)

    10 Paul Vaughan (Canberra Raiders)

    11 Mark Minichiello (Gold Coast Titans)

    12 Brenden Santi (Parramatta Eels)

    13 Joel Riethmuller (North Queensland Cowboys)


    14 Ben Falcone (South Logan)

    15 Gavin Hiscox (Central Coast Capras)

    16 Gioele Celerino (North West Roosters, Italy)

    17 Sam Gardel (South Logan)

    18 Christophe Calegari (Lezignan)

    19 Chris Centrino (North Sydney Bears)

    20 Cameron Ciraldo (Penrith Panthers)

    21 Fabrizio Ciaurro (Coventry Bears)

    22 Ray Nasso (Avignon)

    23 Ben Musalino (Manly Sea Eagles)

    24 Ryan Tramonte (Windsor Wolves)
  2. cliffhanger

    cliffhanger Active Member

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    hey hold on, the coach is italian.....LOL
    Italy into the quarters for sure if not further.
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    • Mark from Brisbane

      Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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      Funny as !!
    • The Who

      The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      Apparently you can qualify to play for Italy if you've ever eaten pasta or a pizza.
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      • MK Eagle

        MK Eagle Well-Known Member

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        That Aiden Guerra is a gun player & will be as vital to the Roosters as Cordner in 2014. Solid enough team but still 30-40 points off Aust/NZ.
      • eagles2win

        eagles2win Well-Known Member

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        Most would qualify due to grand parents or parents rule (heritage) so no problem - same rule as any other sport.

        What doing something like this - doesn't show that the better players within the team are basically playing for free (forfeited match payments and all money is going to Italy RL)
      • hairylittlehobbit

        hairylittlehobbit Member

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        Bit short on halves
      • MadMarcus

        MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        That doesn't even sound like a real team.
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        • Masked Eagle

          Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

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          I've got no dramas at all with the loose qualifications for the World Cup and to be honest, not sure why some people get upset about it. It people want to represent their heritage then good luck to them.
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          • Frank

            Frank Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

            +1,373 /27
            At least most of them seem to have Italian heritage. Most of their names would suggest that.
          • faithful

            faithful Active Member

            +50 /7
            This is why the RLWC is such a joke . Plyers from Tweed Head Seagulls and Logan City and the good old North Sydney Bears , classic stuff.
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            • Lord Eagleton

              Lord Eagleton Well-Known Member

              +1,201 /29
              Haha funny stuff. I went holidaying in Sicily a couple of months ago, can i get a start on the bench?

              International rugby league always gives me a good laugh
            • wedgetail eagle

              wedgetail eagle Well-Known Member Premium Member

              +2,066 /11
              What have the Romans ever done for us?
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              • Eagles2nv

                Eagles2nv Sea you in the finals 2017 Tipping Competitor

                +1,808 /44
                That is not a bad looking team. I will expect them to perform well.

                Well, while my allegiance stands firmly with the green and gold, given i am from an Italian family, i have a soft spot for the italians and hope they do well.
              • HappilyManly

                HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                +15,626 /327
                REG: Yeah. All right, Stan. Don't labour the point. And what have they ever given us in return?!

                XERXES: The aqueduct?

                REG: What?

                XERXES: The aqueduct.

                REG: Oh. Yeah, yeah. They did give us that. Uh, that's true. Yeah.

                COMMANDO #3: And the sanitation.

                LORETTA: Oh, yeah, the sanitation, Reg. Remember what the city used to be like?

                REG: Yeah. All right. I'll grant you the aqueduct and the sanitation are two things that the Romans have done.

                MATTHIAS: And the roads.

                REG: Well, yeah. Obviously the roads. I mean, the roads go without saying, don't they? But apart from the sanitation, the aqueduct, and the roads--

                COMMANDO: Irrigation.

                XERXES: Medicine.

                COMMANDOS: Huh? Heh? Huh...

                COMMANDO #2: Education.

                COMMANDOS: Ohh...

                REG: Yeah, yeah. All right. Fair enough.

                COMMANDO #1: And the wine.

                COMMANDOS: Oh, yes. Yeah...
                FRANCIS: Yeah. Yeah, that's something we'd really miss, Reg, if the Romans left. Huh.

                COMMANDO: Public baths.

                LORETTA: And it's safe to walk in the streets at night now, Reg.

                FRANCIS: Yeah, they certainly know how to keep order. Let's face it. They're the only ones who could in a place like this.

                COMMANDOS: Hehh, heh. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

                REG: All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

                XERXES: Brought peace.

                REG: Oh. Peace? Shut up!
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                • eagles2win

                  eagles2win Well-Known Member

                  +494 /0
                  So I take it you won't watch Australia play in the Soccer World Cup?
                  After all players from the A League just play in a third sting championship
                • Fro

                  Fro Well-Known Member

                  +287 /0
                  Does Soccer have a world cup?

                  did they get the idea from RL?
                • the real fortynil

                  the real fortynil Member

                  +30 /0
                  I did an Italian bird back in the day Mumma Mia!, does that qualify me!!! The knees might be a bit dodgy but the crisp passes out of dummy half and with the old school hooking skills will ensure we have 80% of the possesion. Cam Smith wouldn't know how to hook so I'd have it all over him. Might have to use the interchange rule a bit liberally though when we defend!!! lol:p
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                  • faithful

                    faithful Active Member

                    +50 /7
                    Yes I do watch Football and the A-League has a couple of players in the team but that is the national comp in this country. Please dont even compare the Football World Cup to the RLWC just makes you look silly.

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