The importance of decent media management


Journey Man
This is from today's Herald. Replace the word "Flowers" with "Wilson" and they could just as well be referring to Manly.

In fact, let me save you the bother. I'll do it myself.

Sometimes it is unclear who actually runs Manly, Pat Wilson or Peter Peters. When Ken Arthurson was in charge, Manly was always on the front foot, in the news, making headlines, making its presence felt. Arko was smart. He knew that if Manly was to treat itself as a prominent winter club in Australia, it had to be seen. He tussled with rugby union, AFL and soccer, often leading with his chin, but always getting Manly on the back page or on the 6pm news. They were heady, often exciting times.

Nowadays, a heavy fog has settled over Narabeen HQ. Everyone says Arko's successor - Wilson - is a nice guy. But he does not know how to use the media and is too often at pains to be everybody's friend. He lacks presence, which is delighting rival clubs.

Watch how John O'Neill will bleed every centimetre out of Australia's World Cup football appearance. Observe how Ricky Stuart is always on the TV. Manly's weak approach from the top has allowed the club's captain to do and say basically whatever he wants. Manly, for some reason, is scared of Monaghan/Banaghan/Delmege, and kowtows to him. But they don't do that for his teammates, who have every reason to complain of unfair treatment.

Wilson is also hindered by a sluggish media unit, which is good at manipulating the facts but often fails to get the facts right. Amazingly, this department did not produce a media guide for 2005, much to the shock of overseas reporters, who are accustomed to teams providing ample information. Instead, details are delivered on scraps of paper. It is not great public relations for Manly. We hear the media guide was chopped due to penny pinching, which is ridiculous considering the Manly club is overloaded with personal assistants. Just one less personal assistant this season (Roach perhaps) would have paid for thousands of media guides.


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too busy trying to silence their "Competitors" rather then using them as free advertising for the club with a little support


Journey Man
It's an article today about the woes of the ARU.

I basically replaced the names.


Speaking of media I cannot believe that Zorba wrote about rugby in his colum in the daily today. Who cares about Gregan and Jones. Rugby at the moment is a joke and not worth wasting valuable space in the daily.

Surely he should be writing about league only. What about a report on the young up and comming players at Manly for instance? He has the perfect platform to write about league and he goes and writes about union.


Journey Man
Why not Tookey? Steve Roach was singing The Tigers song whilst he works for Manly as a coach. I wonder if Ricky Stuart would sing The Canberra song if they won the grandfinal, or if he would be completely pissed off about the situation that The Roosters weren't there. It comes down to the level of professionalism the board at Manly accept, and in my eyes, they don't care. Roach has basically spat in his employers face, and they have welcomed it with open arms.

The good old laid back Sea Eagles.

This is my opinion only.


Journey Man
I didn't even read his stupid column. You are 100% right. But they can't even get a decent story up on the web-site home page, so how are they gunna get the twit to right something club and sponsor related for the Daily?

The Wheel
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I agree that the cotent on the new MSE is not much better than before, I am disspointed that this has not improved because for me this is far more important than having a few bells & whistles in the site.

If I was doing this would have been the first aspect I would have attacked. There has hardly been a decent club initiated story or news bulletin for fans since the season ended.

If they want customer/supporter traffic to increase it would want to improve remarkably by next season.

I am not sure if this is the Media Managers department but if it is they are not doing job very well.

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