The held up over the line MESS

A player in possession is tackled:
‘when he is held by one or more opposing players and the ball or the hand or arm holding
the ball comes into contact with the ground.’
‘when he is held by one or more opposing players in such a manner that he can make no
further progress and cannot part with the ball

Above is the rule for a player in possession of the ball in an attempt to score a try over the try line.

For may years I have been frustrated by the goings on and rulings of players attempting to score a try and being held by the defensive player(s).

The referees seem to be confused as to when a player is held as I have noticed that the wrestle can continue well after the player in possession is held.
Sometimes the ref calls held around a second(which is a long time in sport) and others are allowed to wrestle and attempt to ground the ball after being held for seconds.

It s a complete lottery and a mess.

I have seen a player that is held being allowed to promote the ball and has had a try awarded well after being held.

The rule historically was that if the player with the ball was not moving towards the dead ball line while having a hand on them by a defender, that the tackle would then be called held and the appropriate action taken to continue the game.

It seems a lot of the time the player is allowed to attempt to promote the ball after being held thus constituting a double movement. I have never seen a penalty awarded to the defending team following this blatant rule breach.

Many times, an eternity has passed while the wrestle continues after the player with the ball is held and often he will be awarded a try after grounding the ball, often with no evidence that it has actually occurred .

If a player with the ball runs at the line, spins as contact is made and is over the try line on his side or back while being held by defending player(s) while not moving forward or towards the dead ball line, he will invariably attempt to ground the ball by rolling, moving the position of his arms or even having his team mates push the ball in the direction of the ground for seconds.(up to four or five at least). By the rule book the player is held because he is not moving forward or towards the dead ball line and cannot realistically pass the ball thus constituting a held ruling.

If a player is moving towards the try line and is held before the line , and he promotes the ball, it is often ruled as a double movement.

How long will it be before a grand final will be decided by a ruling like this?

Dont get me going on the BUNKER!!!

Many games have been decided by a a try being awarded after a clear rule(s) breach.

Does anyone else see this as a blight on the game? I know it frustrates the hell out of me.

Anyway, how are all you MFs?
Feast yer eyes ..
I am well .. thank you for asking .

As far as your pet ruling aggravation.. yeah I get you .. but it is down the list of others I would suspect ..

Just to really set you off .. how does your rule apply to a player whose forward momentum has been halted and is held by 4 tacklers and incapable of passing the ball ... (tackle complete?) .. then picked up and driven 10 m backwards or sideways into touch .

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