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The hate is back

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Matabele, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Well, the football season's over, and I am in withdrawal,

    Not until next season, will the round or egg-shaped ball

    Be bouncing round the screen again. It wasn't all good fun,

    I suffered deep depression, when bloody Manly won.

    But so did twenty million others who tend to share my grief,

    United in their disappointment, united in their belief,

    That, though the final spectacle is absolutely grand,

    It would be more enjoyable, if the Manly club were banned.

    Still, we must adjust, and accept our sporting fate,

    That the football season's over, until a later date.

    We'll have to do with cricket, and golf, on our TV.

    Mixed with basket ball and tennis, to a minimum degree.

    Or your viewing interest could switch in its direction,

    You could become a junkie watching the election

    Over in America. Soap opera at it's best,

    And wonder what will happen when George Dubbya takes a rest.

    If financial matters turn you on, then you could be viewing,

    Prime TV that covers what the fiscal world is doing.

    Hours and hours of viewing fun, that seems to have it all,

    And watch the markets of the world, fall, and fall, and fall.

    If that's too stressful for the kids, and the Mums and Dads,

    I'm told that there are programs that just concentrate on ads.

    And that these are just the thing to hit the yearning spot,

    For those who'd like spend the money that they haven't got.

    In an introspective moment, my interest got caught,

    By the fact that there is value in watching lots of sport.

    It keeps your mind off other things, like the planet going bust,

    Murders, wars, and bankruptcy, and the plummeting of trust.

    So I'll watch the cricket, and the golf, might even try the tennis,

    Not the swimming or the diving, or the motor racing menace.

    And look forward to winter, to enjoying every minute,

    Of the footy, or I would, if bloody Manly wasn't in it.

    BLUE  --  the shearer            (copyright  col wilson)


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