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Who misses out when Turbo is fit?

  • Lehi

  • Talau

  • Garrick

  • Koula

  • Saab

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The only reason Garrick is ahead of Talau is because of goal kicking even though he has not been that accurate recently.


I think centre is the go for Tom. Asking him to defend in the middle is fraught with danger; he is not the most robust of defenders at the best of times, and working his body hard with big forwards running at him, is frankly nonsensical.

A centre will make anywhere between 5-10 tackles a game. That's not asking too much physically. He can make his quality carries out of yardage to help the forwards, and roam around in attack when it suits. Perfect! He will not be required to do all the endurance running that fullback involves, positional play, kick returns, and being the last line of defence. Perfect!

manly al

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Would have seemed almost inconceivable a couple of months ago not considering Turbo as the i st choice full back but would now seem a definite consideration as things have transpired since .
Koula's speed and robust play still too good an asset , Garrick , Saab and Talau all deserving to retain their positions. Lehi Hoppa 's very important contribution in successive weeks now .
Change of position for Turbo , still not sure about that and can only expect that he will be an automatic inclusion at full back when available again
Probably will come in for Lehi but also can be some doubt if Turbo would have even matched Lehi 's performance yesterday taking this years form level into account .
Still we all know just how influential Turbo can be at his best and at the back but then have to also take into account the longer term benefit of keeping Lehi
Just have to find a way somehow
Easy decision, someone need to practice kicking. Bring back MRidge or a RUnion goal kicker then Garlick is gone. If I was Hoppa I would practice kicking every chance I get, doesn't he have about 20 ball boys & girls living at home. It's his free ticket to the NRL


That’s where you need context, I was at the game yesterday and the wind was up and swirling all over the place as showed by Lomax missing a bunch from the sideline.

Didn’t you notice how many bombs were sent up yesterday? Fun to watch, not fun for the back three.
Too true UTS. Wasn't so windy from my living room here in Tokyo. And not too much mention of it in the commentary. In saying that, I did turn the sound down for much of the game as the audio was about 5 secs ahead of the video feed. Somewhat annoying.

To be fair, my assessment of the merits of our two main kickers wasn't only taken from the weekend. I think most would agree that Reuben is a better overall kicker than DCE, and, with that, enhances his chance of getting selected each week.
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I have seen a few options for kickers floating around on other sites/pages.
Who else in the team do we have that can kick?
Some of the names being thrown around include:
Young Hoppa
Does anyone know the merits of the above. Other than what has already been discussed. Is there anyone we can add to the list as a possible option?


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if you’re thinking about form is has to be Saab or Garrick. I think we could carry Talau on the bench along with 2 middles and Lawton (who can play 9, lock or second row as required)
Well if you go back to when the Schu drama was happening, Seinfeld came out and said that no one is guaranteed a spot, only a few are, it will go on who is is form. If thats the case, then Hoppa has to stay in the team, who gets dropped, good luck with that Seinfeld

Terry Zarsoff

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if you’re thinking about form is has to be Saab or Garrick. I think we could carry Talau on the bench along with 2 middles and Lawton (who can play 9, lock or second row as required)
Talau has been our most effective three quarter in attack and defence this season. Why would you drop him?

The only reasons I can think of are:

You need a decent goal kicker, so Reubs is safe; or

You are concerned that someone else’s manager (from player #2 through #5) starts agitating, because their man (who is on a healthy contract), has been dropped?


Turbo was a dynamite centre in SOO
Nightster I agree but since he did he's shoulder he has been useless and now another hammy someone going to be pushing him around on the field in a wheelchair because he doesn't to try and run anymore. Don't get me wrong ive loved watching him play as much as anybody but im getting sick of $1.2 mill sitting next to the coach every year, Its killing us.


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Interesting to see that Garrick has won by a landslide in this poll and the comments across social media have backed this up.

1. Hopoate
2. Saab
3. Turbo
4. Koula
5. Talau
6. Brooks
7. DCE

That is a solid backline.

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