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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly report - rd 19 2013

Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by cf2 is back, Jul 22, 2013.

By cf2 is back on Jul 22, 2013 at 2:44 AM
  1. cf2 is back

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    A rare Sunday afto at Brookie presented the opportunity to cement a 3rd straight win and put a stronger grip on the coveted top 4 position.

    by CF2

    Player ratings:
    Brett Stewart: Another superb performance, scored the first with a blistering run and set up 3 others, and of course never missed a beat retrieving the opposition kicks.
    Jorge Taufau: One unfortunate spill but generally looked as dangerous as usual, just could have done with a little more ball.
    Steve Matai: Great first half but an early knock in the 2nd brought a premature end to the day.
    Jamie Lyon: Safe as houses sound performance. The goal kicking stats looked worse than they were given the misses were all very close in the swirling wind.
    David Williams: As good as many of his barnstorming runs were, the triply alarming habit of rushing way out of the line in defence has got to be fixed. Cost us a try and could have worryingly cost 1-2 more.
    Kieran Foran: Again played the left edge gaps beautifully despite looking to have copped an early knock.
    Daly Cherry-Evans: Super display of attack including the reprisal of the infamous 1996 Matthew Ridge 10 metre kick off and retrieve move. Nearly scored off it too. Great to watch all day.
    Glenn Stewart: Joey Johns recently commented that it takes most of a season to get back to where you were when you've had no off season training. The slow but steady improvement seems to back that up.
    Justin Horo: This guy is getting close to deserving an early season medal. Never stops and another well deserved try.
    Anthony Watmough: Took up where he left off in origin and scored a well deserved early mark.
    Brenton Lawrence: It's got to be said. Yes the fullback like line breaks are sensational, but not even attempting to look for a pass is just plain infuriating, DCE should have been under the posts. Lucky it didn't cost us. Video review this week please Toovs.
    Matt Ballin: Mr consistency never put a foot wrong all day and copped another nasty bloodied puffy eye for his troubles.
    Brent Kite: The Landcruiser continues to play like a 20 year old (bloke that is, not car). Super stuff.

    Jamie Buhrer: Scored a sizzling try in the first and filled in brilliantly at left centre in the 2nd half with super hands setting up another. Great super sub game.
    Richie Fa-aoso: Nothing too out of the box but nonetheless tough as teak performance again proving how important he is.
    James Hasson: Solid no frills run again.
    Nick Skinner: Just an 8 min appearance at the end of the game but rewarded with a neat try.

    The win. That was the most important part, followed by the fact we didn't fall asleep for the entire 2nd half knowing we'd won, waking up in time to post those last 14 entertaining points which showed the true difference in class and well deserved margin.

    THE BAD:
    The second half lapse letting them recover from 24-6 to at one point 28-20. The 11,905 was disappointing too. Where was everyone? Should have been 16,000 plus.

    After enjoying a precious sunny Sunday arvo we now suffer no more Brookie games for an astonishing 6 weeks until Aug 31. Is that really possible? Hopefully that means a big crowd up at Gosford for the Rd 22 Sun (Warriors home) and following Fri Rd 23 (Souths away) double.

    A vitally important win to continue the righting of the ship on course for cementing the top 4. Some more good performances in attack with the usual rock like defence. The 2nd half lapse could well be looked at in two ways, either a bad and worrying slump, or a measured foot off the pedal where we paced ourselves smartly in a game we were never going to lose. I'll go with the latter. Bring on the Benji Tige's.



Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by cf2 is back, Jul 22, 2013.

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