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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly report - rd 17 2013

Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by cf2 is back, Jul 9, 2013.

By cf2 is back on Jul 9, 2013 at 9:05 AM
  1. cf2 is back

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    After a season draining 2/8 wins, the return to the fortress against the wooden spooners called for nothing less than a belting, and it came in more ways than one.
    by CF2

    Player ratings:
    Brett Stewart: Man of the match scintillating performance, orchestrated the attack to perfection, scored one himself, and literally handed the try-less Foran the 80th min 50 point sealer. Sensational performance.
    Jorge Taufau: 16 runs, 6 line breaks, 214 metres, and 3 tries. Simply superb and as Grant G reminded from up in the box wouldn't look out of place in blue.
    Steve Matai: Dangerous as hell all night, and none more so than when king hit!
    Jamie Lyon: Typical clinical display never put a foot wrong, and despite two earlier misses kicked some lovely goals for a personal tally of 16 that exceded the entire Parra scoresheet.
    David Williams: Bounced back from the unfortunate headlines in the best way possible. Hard work. 20 runs, 3 line breaks, 254 whopping metres. Fantastic.
    Kieran Foran: Played the left edge gaps beautifully and rewarded with the last seconds gift from Brett.
    Daly Cherry-Evans: So dominant were we that DCE really didn't need to do any more than play a controlled 3rd gear game.
    Glenn Stewart: 3 runs and 24 metres in 50 minutes says a very quiet night, and still seems to be holding that right arm as though it were in an invisible sling. The poke in the eye a nasty early shower.
    Justin Horo: Mr unsung 80 min hero.
    Anthony Watmough: 15 runs, 122 metres, 26 tackles. And all that in just 60 minutes. The Choc rocked again.
    Brenton Lawrence: On a night where we played the edges his role was a tad quieter, but no less effective.
    Matt Ballin: The usual 44 tackles and never a foot wrong, but I'd still love to see Matty take on the defence more with the ball.
    Brent Kite: The Landcruiser worked hard as usual and did the job well.
    Jamie Buhrer: Played his part effectively and rewarded with a flying try off a perfectly timed Brett short pass.
    Tom Symonds: Is this guy unlucky or what? Looks awesome every time he gets his crazily limited opportunities, and now cruelly punished with a broken thumb seeing him out for at least a month. Will be sorely (pardon the pun) missed.
    James Hasson: Feels like his moment to shine is still coming.
    George Rose: Had a whale of a time and thrilled the crowd with every gut busting run. Love ya Georgie.
    1. Yes they are the worst team in the comp bar none, but the left and right edge line break training drills were most invaluable for the weeks ahead.
    2. Stevie's remarkable restraint at NOT hitting back at Allgood despite obviously wanting to deck the idiot.
    3. Our players (and trainers) smart and controlled handling of Stevie to ensure he didn't do anything really silly despite his justifiable fury.
    4. Stevei's response with the ball in hand.
    5. The 50 points.
    THE BAD:
    A superb first 20 and a great last 20 somewhat blunted by a somewhat sloppy middle section where it seemed to take a long while to get the scoreboard ticking. But nothing to worry about on a training run night.
    1. Allgood. What the hell was he thinking? Firstly goes and belts Buhrer with an aggressive wildly swinging arm for absolutely no reason, but even more unbelievably, when approached by an understandably seething Matai, takes insanity to a new level by king hitting him. Twice for good measure! And there's more. Then had the temerity to give Matai the finger when he left the field, and backed it up saying he punched Matai because, wait for it, he thought he was going to be punched first. Is he kidding?
    2. Badger. Seriously if that's not a flat out automatic ask no questions send off then what is? Killing someone? That'll do me. Surely though the judiciary will provide the right answer with a 6 week holiday.
    3. Injuries. Symonds and George will be badly missed in coming weeks, and lets hope Glenn is ok too. Thank god Richie Fa-aoso finally returns. Was that Ligi Sao warming up in jersey 22 last night? Time to give him a run Toovs!
    4. Ricky Stuart. Always banging on about how much his boys are 'trying hard but making basic mistakes', but NEVER EVER says: a) the opposition are a great team who are way better than us; b) maybe I have to take some of the blame for being a crap coach who sacks half his team mid season
    I hate MNF, but thanks to the 10,987 who supported the boys. A much needed return to attacking prowess, yes against truly rank opposition, but nonetheless seeing a vital 50 points posted to set up what needs to be a minimum 5 wins on the trot.
    Next Monday (yes another bloody Monday) will be a tough test up at Townsville with a makeshift team given the above injuries plus Choc and (presumably) DCE out due to Origin, but of course vitally no Thurston, Tate, Scott or Tamou for them.
    Here's the team I'd like to see, which despite several forced changes is still an excellent line up:
    1. Brett; 2: Jorge; 3. Hiku; 4. Stevie; 5. Wolfie; 6. Lyon; 7. Foran; 8. Brenton; 9. Matty; 10. Kitey; 11. Hasson; 12. Horo; 13. Glenn. Bench: 14. Fa-aoso; 15. Buhrer; 16. Sao; 17. Chee Kam or Sene-Lefao


Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by cf2 is back, Jul 9, 2013.

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