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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Rd 13

Discussion in 'News' started by cf2 is back, Jun 7, 2014.

By cf2 is back on Jun 7, 2014 at 4:04 PM
  1. cf2 is back

    cf2 is back Active Member

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    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Report - Rd 13

    A mentally distracted performance in Brisbane was no surprise to the faithful who knew a massive Friday night Dogfight was just five days away. Would that focus prove to be on the money?

    by CF2

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    Discussion in 'News' started by cf2 is back, Jun 7, 2014.

      1. cf2 is back

        cf2 is back Active Member

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        The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Report - Rd 13

        A mentally distracted performance in Brisbane was no surprise to the faithful who knew a massive Friday night Dogfight was just five d[​IMG]ays away. Would that focus prove to be on the money?

        by CF2


        Brett Stewart:   Outstanding MOM performance, cementing the win with not one but two inspirational 2nd half tries, the second of which literally snatched any last chance from the Dogs. 140 career tries. Remarkable. As much as he should be in the Origin team, it's a very good thing for Manly that Hayne, Dugan and co are taking the Origin beltings.

        Jorge Taufau:   A quiet game by his normal Brookie standards, but slippery weather makes it very tough for wingers to shine.

        Jamie Lyon:   Made up for a rare below par performance in Brisbane with a bullet proof defensive shut down of T Rex and co, and slotted the ball beautifully for 6/6 important goals.

        Steve Matai:   Tough, strong, ever alert performance as always.

        Peta Hiku:   Backed up at the right moment for the critical 1st half 18-6 try, and never stopped working all night. Not hard to see why poor old suddenly slower Wolfie is warming the bench.

        Kieran Foran:   Seemingly 50% fit, threw the body at absolutely everything for 80 mins, the last 36 playing his role and that of the absent wounded DCE.

        Daly Cherry-Evans:   What can you say, shouldn't have even played in the first place due to a hobbled knee, looked out of sorts in the first 30 mins, then just like that instrumental in 3 tries in just 9 minutes that turned the match on it's head by half time. Whatever it takes to keep this kid FOREVER, in Mr Perry we trust it will be done.

        Jamie Buhrer:   Super work rate once again playing the perfect Glenn Stewart understudy. Huge improvement in 2014.

        Justin Horo:   Solid no frills game but still appears to be a little down on the 2013 model, but sometimes that's just the way the ball bounces.

        Anthony Watmough:   Apparently indestructible, not even a torn bicep can stop him once again rampaging his way through an opposition pack for 179 metres, 28 possessions and 23 tackles. Simply remarkable stats given he didn't even play his usual 80 mins.

        Brenton Lawrence:   Tough as nails game taking it right up to the barking Dogs with super stats, 139 metres, 19 possessions, 25 tackles.

        Matt Ballin:   Completely outplayed the whinging Ennis. 37 tackles and some clever well timed darts from dummy half just when we needed them. How lucky are we to have an 80 min man of steel week after week, month after month, season after season.

        Josh Starling:   No frills player who gets quietly better with every performance, not just doing the tough stuff, but being there for the big plays (none better than THAT sideline tackle against Newcastle).


        Jesse Sene-Lefao:   Looks better every week scoring a massively important first ever try.

        Dunamis Lui:   Not dissimilar to Starling, quietly chalking up experience next to the big boys.

        Tom Symonds:   Sorry to be repetitive, but he STILL seems completely under utilised to me, (which hopefully that become a big positive), nonetheless did his job well.

        James Hasson:   A little hard to critique given limited 2nd half game time, needs more minutes out there. Footnote: Anyone know what happened to Jason King?


        THE GOOD:

        A team that relishes fast dry conditions showed just how equally tough they are to beat in the horrible slush that looked like more like an 80's Brookie game. As the ever astute Gus Gould lamented Manly are just a super club who keep delivering when it counts. The further good news is that we will only get better.


        THE BAD:

        The weather. From memory the 3rd Brookie wet weather game this season that robbed the match of a deserved packed house. Surely the weather gods will finally shine on us next time round, for another Fri night blockbuster against the Roosters on June 27. Mark that one down folks.


        THE UGLY:

        1. Ennis. He's just a dickhead, there's not much more to say.

        2. The Dogs lying all over us for the entire night in the ruck, why were they CONTINUALLY allowed to get away with it?

        3. The refs, see point 2.

        4. Kasiano's torpedo into DCE's legs. Yeah it was in the act of trying to tackle him, but gees it just smelt badly off a pre meditated coached attack on an opposition danger man.

        5. DCE's injury could have been crippling for the team, but hopefully it's not too bad.



        I could smell this win from the kick off. The kick off in Brisbane that is. How many times have we looked flat as hell in an away game suffering a predictable loss, knowing there's a massive game just 5 days later to be totally pumped for. This game was marked with a large X some time ago, and we didn't miss delivering despite the horrible conditions and a first 30 minute arm wrestle that was largely won by the Dogs.

        DCE's inspirational one legged part in those 3 first half tries, all within just 9 minutes, turned the game on its head and we never looked back. Brett's 2nd half solo performance to snatch two tries sealed the deal in emphatic style. What's that Ennis? What's that Des? Bit lost for words fellas? Ahhh the silence is golden.

        At the half way point of the season we've put ourselves in a superb position. Given the injuries we've had, equal first on the ladder is a remarkable effort, setting up a tremendous platform to cement a top four position in the run home through the remainder of the Origin period, and the many away games ahead.

        On top of that we've got hugely important depth on our side. If we were lucky enough to have a fully fit side once Glenn finally returns, 6 forwards in Sene-Lefao, Lui, Buhrer, Symonds, Hasson and King would be fighting it out for a bench spot, in addition to quality reserve backs such as Williams and Littlejohn. None of which takes into account others who would likely admirably step up in Gutherson, Trjbojevic and Chee Kam.

        Can't wait for it to all unfold towards another huge premiership opportunity.
      2. HappilyManly

        HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Kingy still has rib issues - he should just retire and let the young ones settle into first grade :cool:

        The attack on Sid was a dog act. Kasiano wasn't going for a charge down, so he could only end up smashing a player whilst their foot is of the ground :mad:

        All bodes well for a successfull 2014 :)
      3. RiverEagle

        RiverEagle New Member

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        Yeah, starting to wonder if the Kingdog has had his day......Bloody hope not.

        Good review again, and as ppl should know, a week can be a LONG time in footy.

        As well as never writing off this club
      4. bazeagle

        bazeagle Well-Known Member

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        epic read on an epic win. thanks for the write up. awesome. plus, I used to admire Des's style of talking to the press but I'm SO over it now. tired old cliches, smoke and mirrors and say nothing with that stupid patronising smirk on his lying face, plus he defends his pet THUG Kasiano for attacking the legs of DCE. listen to what the refs saw Des; on report - he made contact with DCE's legs. thats what the charge is Des. anyway we flogged them and they've got zip. fully and totally zip.
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        • SeaEagleRock8

          SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Bugger, I was taken by surprise and it cost me in the tipping comp. :(
          Must remember to look ahead at the draw to see if we are saving ourselves for a big clash :D

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