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Reserve Grader

I think we are still one quality front rower away from being the best. People are throwing around Luke Bailey a lot, but IMO he is most likely not a chance of going here due to his large asking price.

Jason Cayless is off-contract, a New Zealand international, and IMO one of the best front rowers in the comp. He owuld be an outstanding purchase and undoubtedly complete our forward pack IMO.

I also heard rumours that the Tigers might be looking at Heckenburg, we would want to snap him up quickly, deadset workhorse.

Moving on from there, we still need centres............ Just hope that Alberts is the goods, if not here are some quality centres/wingers who would come at a reasonable price;

Pat Richards, Luke McDougall, Wes Naiqama, Iosia Soiolo, Steven Bell

And some not so cheap ones;

Berrigan, Tonga, King, Flannery, Lolesi

What is everyone elses thoughts......... I know sue wants Anasta or Sherwin, how about PJ Marsh for the hooking role, I heard he was a little disappointed with playing second fiddle at Parra.
I would be looking at one top line Prop and some centres. I would let Randall go.

Cayless is outstanding - strong, mobile, good hands and skilled. I remember the way he killed our cream-puffs at Brookvale last year. I can't imagine the Roosters letting him go - like the Manly of old, they never really lose anyone they don't want to go.
If I had a wish list it would be:

Nat Miles from the Dogs, great prospect and will come cheap.

Steve Bell form the Storm - the most underrated outside back in the game IMO.

I would take either Orford or Anasta as well, we are missing that key player who we can rely on to win games when the going gets tough.
My first target would be matt King, we need him, I would be happy with caylass as well
i thgink Cayless has already signed with UTS in France, well i presume its france as UTS in Sydney wont give him much beyond a arts degree!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I forgot Nate Myles was off-contract. Would be an awsome buy, bolstering depth, ability and not cost THAT much.

I think we might see Chad let go, if not take a major pay cut - that is why I thought PJ Marsh could be a good acquisition, or (if off-contract) Robbie Farrah.

We really do need a quality centre such as King or Bell, and another good hard man like a Myles or Cayless. I dunno about Orford or Anasta. I really don't want Anasta at the club, and Orford would cost a mint.

LYON 07.

probably can afford 2 of the top 3 plus lyon if we get rid of randall,harris and monaghan(if we got orford0

BERRIGAN would be a real coup but brisbane boys never leave.

With these blokes we will be there when the whips are cracking in september.
Vagana is off contract I think - but getting old.

Shane Marteene is on the market as we speak. :roll:

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