The Footy Show Greatest Hits 1994-2003

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Eagle 1

First Grader
A heap of very funny segments on that show. A lot you now could not get away with under the current 'woke' climate.
Love how they would set up Mario aka the Falcon, big bucket of whitewash and other things tipped on his head. So sad to hear about Mario having Dementia tho.


It's not a lie, if you believe it.
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The chili eating was priceless. Never laughed so hard. :rofl:

Status Quo

Reserve Grader
The chili eating was priceless. Never laughed so hard. :rofl:
Yes, it's always funny when someone else is in pain or agony.
Another example is when a male batsman / cricketer is hit in the 'crown jewels' with the cricket ball.
Everybody else thinks it's hilarious, except for the person groaning in pain on the ground.

You'd have to pay me a lot of money to eat chillies and suffer the outcome.
I don't even eat spicy foods.
A man's gotta know his limitations.

Mark from Brisbane

“ Boomer still Booming”
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Fatty & Chief on the Vomitron at the Goldie was one of the funniest things that show conjured up, hilarious.

Yes sadly , someone would get offended today and it would be shut down in a flash.

Eagle 1

First Grader
Most of those shows from years gone by , such as Hey Hey it’s Saturday just wouldn’t cut the mustard today, ditto with the footy show.
True, when you watch Fatty do the after game reviews mostly at Suncorp these day, you are just waiting for him to say something that's not politically correct, and everyone knows he's going to say something cheeky and controversial, and it's so funny to listen to. Oh well, I guess it's the times we now live in.

Ron E. Gibbs

First Grader
As with any look back at anything from "the good old days", there's a tendency to put on an extra-thick pair of rose-coloured glasses. Yes, "The Footy Show" had some absolutely hilarious moments. But there was also a hell of a lot of dross in between. Watching Fatty dress up as Gene Simmons and stick his tongue out for the 477th time wasn't exactly Gold Logie material (although the show did win a bunch of them).

"The Footy Show" got canned by Nine because its ratings fell off a cliff, and its rating fell off a cliff because it simply lost its audience. After Sterlo left, they never found the same chemistry with Fatty and the other hosts: Beau Ryan, Erin Molan, Joey Johns, etc, just weren't up to scratch. They all hated each other, and it showed.

And the idea that the same show would be "cancelled" (in the new sense of the word) today because the whole world's gone mad and nobody is allowed to be funny anymore just doesn't hold up. Look at a show like "MAFS" (also on Nine), which has a new "outrage" every season accompanied by a vocal minority wringing their collective hands about it being the end of civilisation as we know it. It rates its arse off, so nobody cares who is or isn't offended.

"The Matty Johns Show" on Fox is another good example. That show is probably the spiritual successor to "The Footy Show" anyway - especially the "Fletch & Hindy" segments. They are frequently funny, and frequently offensive, and the last time I checked, there were no angry mobs of "woke" vegans descending on Fox HQ (although wouldn't their Newscorp overlords love that!) demanding the show's end.

Oh, and let's not forget the Matty Johns group sex scandal, or that Bryan Fletcher was the guy who infamously called Dean Widders a "black c**t". When's the so-called "cancel culture" going to catch up to them?
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