The first Manly banner by AE!

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<img src=' banner_1sm.jpg' alt='' style='vertical-align:middle; border:0' />

What do you reckon?
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Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
that is fantastic dude. You have excelled yourself. I will hold one of those with pride on sunday.

Shall we distribute the rest to the crowd or give them to the AE boys?

by the way I am very very impressed.

cheers byso
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Where's the plug for yourself champ ? ;) ;) :)

They are good mate,I will keep an eye out for them on the TV.

What do you mean that is what you will look like after 5 tries. At that time you should be standing up beating the chest,and after a couple of more maybe even consider flopping it out because you are so excited :O
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To AE ppl thanks, the one you see was contact

The others haven't so you can distribute paper ones if you have too.

But AE ppl must use the contact banners and make sure they go to all home games.

It took about 40 mins to put the contact on. :((


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
40 mins :shock: :shock:

dude that one looks fantatstic and you know that I would take that to every game.

We will have to do some away banners too though.

I cant wait for sunday now
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Sensational! I am up for one. Byso you will have to take a few photos of AE boys (and girls) with them!!

(We need a JM Stand reference as well!) :clap: :clap: :clap:
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I wont be around this sunday :evil: :evil: :evil:

Hopefully some of you chaps can take some happy snaps this Sunday.

btw my lovely wife Jody will be having our first baby on tuesday.
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Good stuff Byos, by the way Six I love your video clip on your Sig
Journey Man
Someone will have to bring a camera and stalk the cheerleaders. Whos willing to take one for the team.

ill tee up some more banners and flafs so we are guarenteed to get on tv.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
good to see your practicing your facial expressions pre match also, can we see \"Blue Steele\" ????

That is farking gold mate!

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