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Manly today signed captain Michael Monaghan to a new three year contract.

Monaghan agreed to a new term after meeting with his manager Jim Banighan,Sea Eagles Executive Chairman Paul Cummings,Head coach Des Hasler and major shareholder Max Delmege early today.

Monaghan and Banighan discussed the offer for several hours and then fronted a press conference with Manly management.

Both the Sea Eagles management and Monaghan and his management admitted the negotiations could have been handled better.

Paul Cummings said he apologised to fans for the manner in which the Monaghan negotiations had been handled.

"The club apologises to the players,fans and sponsors and is delighted the issue has been settled,"Mr.Cummings said.

Monaghan's manager Jim Banighan also said the negotiations got out of hand in the media.

"It should have been handled better and I accept part of the blame,"Banighan said.

Michael Monaghan told the media he was proud to continue with the Sea Eagles.

"I apologise for what I said about the club in the press over the weekend - if I had my time again I wouldn't say those things about the club where I am happy to play with a great bunch of blokes and under a coach I respect enormously.

"I'm determined this will make me a better person and captain.
"I never wanted to leave and I'm now going to concentrate on doing the best I can to be part of a premiership winning team with Manly,"Monaghan said.

And that is the end of that chapter.
Winging it
Staff member
No more boos for Monas I hope from certain sections. One team, one group of supporters, one Premiership! Go Manly!
Reserve Grader
I am very glad all parties involved in Mona's contract negotiation have sorted out their differences so we can now get back on track to winning the premiership :dance:
Reserve Grader
glad its over however i doubt all the parties involved are all chummy as they make out.monaghan at half for three years,we'll see what happens boys
Journey Man
couldnt have put it better myself joey.

all that we need now is for me to be able to attend all games and we are sweet
UFO Hunter
I wouldnt' say he will be half for 3 year, but I will say I am glad to see him stay at the club. I may not think he is the best player for our number 7, but you dont get much more dedication or passion and commitment than Monas and he reminds me of what manly was about when I was growing up.

Good stuff, he is good for the club, maybe just... not the number 7 once we have a better option.

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