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So, the Rorters stay alive in the hunt for our spot.

Does anyone else have the feeling we're a rabbit being pursued by 4 hounds?

At least one of Penrif or the Bulldogs bow out this weekend. And Canberra too if the lose to the Eels. !pray: !pray:


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If we win tomorrow, all of that stuff is thrown out the window. It's a good position to be, relatively anyway, our destiny is in our hands. The Roosters/Bulldogs/Panthers/Raiders can play like world beaters for the rest of the season, we just need to scrape home tomorrow and end the misery.


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please please please please win tommorrow. I havent shed a tear for a long long time!


please please please please win tommorrow. I havent shed a tear for a long long time!

Didn't you watch last weeks game against the sharks. Plently of tears there watching that load of crap that Manly dished out.

If we can make the 8 then we are a chance of going further as anything can happen on the day. I am not all that impressed with the Cowboys this year and we should have beaten them at home.

The Wests/tigers bubble will burst sooner or later as they have over acheived while the Broncos are self destructing at the wrong time of the season once again.

St George are strong but Parra seem to be getting injuries at the wrong time of year. If we get to the 8 then anything can happen.


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The result last night was a good one for us, for far to long now the results of the chasing pack have gone our way and maybe, just maybe the win by the Rorters will add that extra edge to the team, that to make the final series is now in our own hands and that they cannot rely upon the chasing pack to continually fall over in their pursuit of the final spot in the 8.


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I'm quietly confident that Manly will beat the warriors tonight & I'm predicting that we'll play Parramatta in the ( 1 vs 8 ) semi final. If Parra win both their remaining games against Canberra & a depleted Brisbane , then their superior for & against will ensure they finish minor premiers. Although Parra are playing good football , this is the semi final Manly should be hoping for. Much better than travelling up to Brisbane or down to Wollongong.

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Sadly boys we have still to get there. Canberra last year was ugly and next Sunday is now make or break. If ever there was a game that could have been won it was tonight.

Things look grim!!!

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