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the deciding factors last night

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by sharx, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. sharx

    sharx Active Member

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    too many dropped balls.earlt nerves maybe
    kicking game.atrocious.not enough repeat sets.maybe when lyon is back,he will give orford help in this area.
    our forwards were awesome.totally dominated.however,their forwards also played well.jeff lima stood out for me.
    the stewart no try.watched the replay,the ch9 guys couldnt believe the decision,even on fox sports highlights they said we were robbed of a try.
    archer.what is it with this guy?i reckon at least 75% of our losses over the last 3 years have been under his refereeing.whenever we score,its off to the video to find something wrong with the try.i also noticed when we let the storm off the hook and they were working their way off their own line,archer had us back 12 metres which allowed jeff lima and their pack to make good yards.that penalty he gave them when we were bashing and pinning them down in their 10m zone.big let off.
    our bench.even though we played well,hopefully with a full squad,bench should be hall,bryant,menzies,le strange.cuthbo should start.
    falou's try was  helped by stewart rushing up for the chip kick and missed the bounce which gave slater the run to off load to falou.
    geyers try had a forward pass in the tackle before.then the dummy half pass for that try was forward.
    the knock on that archer ruled against us,which shouldnt have been,giving the storm the feed,led to cronks soft try.
    again,the stewart no try.had it been given,perhaps the game wouldve been different and we couldve won easily.that decison kept the storm in the game and they scored just before half time.
    the 5-10 mins before and after half time,we were caught out.they scored 2 tries.
    however credit to melb,they were resilient but we lost more than they won.
    hopefully we can meet again in the GF,with a different referee.we'd smash them.

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