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Well - there has been a clean out. Here's my prediction of who will be in for who next year. What do you guys think?

Terry Hill ------------- Steven Bell
Michael Monaghan -- Matt Orford
Michael Witt --------- Michael Monaghan (I personally don't agree)
Scott Donald --------- Michael Robertson (on sue's advice)
Sam Harris ----------- Adam Cuthbertson
Chad Randall -------- Luke Williamson
Steve Matai ---------- Ashley Alberts
Jason King ----------- Mark Bryant

Do you guys think that is close to the mark?

The one thing I personally think is that Monnas is on par with Cooper Cronk. Same body shape, same skill level etc. Cronk plays for Norths Devils, Monaghan - 1st grade. BUT, I also think with Scott Hill out for a major part of the year, Orford has done really well without a recognised 5/8. Therefore, I don't think it matters that Monnas is our 5/8. Personally, I'd like to see Burns given a shot though.

Michael Witt I believe won't see too much 1st grade anytime soon.

Here's one for you....I'd personally put Jyle Mullane @ 5/8, and drop Monaghan to Premier League. MY team would be:-

01. Brett Stewart
02. Ashley Alberts
03. Steve Bell
04. Steve Matai
05. Chris Hicks
06. Jye Mullane
07. Matt Orford
08. Brent Kite
09. Luke Williamson
10. Daniel Heckenberg
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Shayne Dunley
15. Kylie Leuleuai
16. Mark Bryant
17. Adam Cuthbertson

What do you guys think?
Mullane has been playing centre for most of the year in PL. So I doubt he'll be playing anywere in the NRL. Especially 5/8.
If dessie had mullane in his future plans then don't you think that he would have tried him in first grade this year instead of putting beaver and harris at 5/8? Or even in the centres?

I think Mullane will be joining that famous club "released" at the end of the year along with quite a few others. Manly's future lies with the younger players like Cuthbertson, Ballin and Burns.

The only fist grade team I would like Witt to play for is anyone but Manly. He is useless.
Tookey, he is still having massive problems with tendonitis in his knees.

That being said, I dont think he will play 5/8. As disapointing as it is, I feel monas will be out 5/8 next year and Dunley a full time hooker.
I dont think Mullane is even going to be at Manly next year.He is off contract now and they haven't offered him a new deal.I still think he is one of the worst buy's Manly has made.Saying that the last 3 years we have bought some woeful player's,because we couldn't afford or attract anyone decent until Max bank rolled us.Now we are attracting the Blue Chip player again,so our future is a secure one.I would rather see young Burns learning from Orford next year and dump Monnas all together.
Also maybe with Michael Robertson on one wing and Steppa on the other & move Hicks back into the centre's.Or if the rumour's are true and Lyon has been granted a release from his last season by Parramatta he will be in the side next season.Then Monnas will be gooooone to free up the cash.
If King can't get dropped on the back of some of his efforts this year than there is no way he will ever be dropped.
Please not Jye Mullane.

He was awful in Premier League against St George. Missed tackles, dropped balls, generally disinterested.

Travis Burns on the other hand really looks the goods.

Give him a shot at 5/8 or even hooker next year. He's not big but he's tough with good speed, a fairly good kicking game and loads of enthusiasm.
JEF apparently Ballin has big wraps on him. In the games where i have watched PL though, he has been fair without being a standout at all. A 1st grader in my opinion, is someone who repatively looks a class above in Premier League. Apart from Cuthbo & Styles (who are marginally better than the rest), we don't have players like that.
I think Monas could make a goof 5/8 outside Orford.We'll know pretty early on if it works. I've got to ask though would an Orford/Mullane combo be the BK/Choch sensation of 2006?
I am not sure I want to see Monaghan at Manly at all next year. We need a genuine five-eighth. If Monas is not a 9 then I say let him go. (Oops - we have resigned him - maybe Melbourne need a half????)

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