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The coin tossers

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by swoop, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. swoop

    swoop Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Anyone looking for some spare change you can go to Parramatta. According to the media the slime fans were throwing coins at there own players. I still remember a few years ago when they did it to Jamie Lyon.

    I wonder if the Hoppa's were there with their collection tins.:p
  2. wizball1973

    wizball1973 Active Member

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    I heard the Titans management were out there quick smart gathering them up.
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    • bob dylan

      bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      They should be throwing them at themselves for having no pride and supporting a scum side.
    • Phantar

      Phantar Well-Known Member

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      Not fast enough however, John Hopoate was gathering up coins quick smart. For the Church collection plate, of course.
    • Mac Man

      Mac Man Active Member

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      This is the article below that I had great pleasure in sending Dennis Fitzgerald an email of..I found his email address and was able to send him the article... Cheap Parra fans only threw silver!

      Heavy metal welcome angers Lyon
      29/07/2007 6:32:04 PM
      Adam Lucius at Parramatta Stadium
      Manly star Jamie Lyon lashed out at coin-throwing Parramatta fans after they targeted him following the Sea Eagles' emotional 32-24 win at Parramatta Stadium on Sunday.

      Lyon, making his first appearance back at the club he walked out on in 2004, condemned supporters for endangering players and staff.

      Lyon was uninjured but Manly replacement forward Luke Williamson - along with team trainers - reported being hit by coins.

      "A few of the boys got coins thrown at them. I don't think that is very good," Lyon said after scoring two tries to sink his old club.

      "I think they should pull their head in about throwing coins and stuff like that onto the field."

      "It got our trainer and Luke Williamson in the head."

      "You don't go throwing coins. It could take an eye out and do some damage."

      Williamson joked: "Unfortunately they were only 20c coins. If they were the gold colour, you'd be going back there."

      But he then added: "Thankfully it wasn't in my head. Fortunately no-one was hurt."

      "When I went back on the field in the second half, one of our trainers noted there were plenty of coins in the ground around us."

      Manly CEO Grant Mayer will file a report with the NRL over the incident, labelling the coin throwers as 'cowards'.

      "It's a cowardly act to sit behind the players' enclosure and throw metal objects at people," he said.

      "These people have small minds and I hope they take a good, hard look at themselves."

      "You must also question the security at the ground. I know it was an exciting match but surely there was enough security at the ground to identify the culprits."

      Lyon was the target of abuse from the Parramatta faithful in the huge 20,000-plus crowd, running out to a "Lyon's a w….r" chant and being booed every time he handled.

      But the Sea Eagles pivot had the final say, running in two tries as Manly threw down the gauntlet to competition leaders Melbourne.

      The former St Helens star said his time in England had prepared him well for hostile crowds.

      "I think it pumped not only myself up but the rest of the team. It would be good if the atmosphere was like that every week at every ground," Lyon said.

      "It was a bit like the English Premier League. I loved it."

      "They were a bit relentless. It was pretty much what I expected."

      "I have heard it all so it wasn't a surprise at all. We got our win and we got our two points."

      "Getting a win up and getting two tries is a bit of a buzz."

      This was a terrific win from a Manly side now considered genuine title contenders.

      The Sea Eagles are one win away from the NRL leaders Storm with five rounds remaining.
    • captainskin

      captainskin Active Member

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      And I was just teaching my son this morning where his coin slot was - really. ;^)

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