The Clean Out 2024 Post

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I am new and wanted to say thank you for having me on board. I am celebrating 40 years as a Sea Eagle supporter this year. I value alot of what has been said and have my own thoughts to share.

Firstly, the coach we hired to revolutionise our team has not done that successfully and needs to be replaced. My own take would be to hire John Morris and Michael Monaghan. Secondly, we need a clean out of players. For all the accurate observations regarding their outstanding behaviour and stature as upstanding gentleman, the Trbojevic brothers have not produced in comparison to their high price tag. Secondly, the inconsistent players signed from other clubs to fill gaps, need to be moved on. They are not performing. We are a power club, a leading club, and us Manly people do not accept the mediocrity that we have been subjected to. Our ownership need to do a whole lot better.
Welcome aboard 😊


Reserve Grader
Clean out
1. Siebold along with any defence system he has tried to implement.
2. Jaxon
3. Lodge
4. The idea of Tom being our FB and not either a centre or super sub with a licence to roam
5. Cherry’s captaincy


Are you laying the blame on Jake?
No I'm not laying the blame on Jake. It is a team effort. I'm just making the point to some comments that make it sound that there aren't any other players in the NRL that make 40 tackles a game, or that we wouldn't be successful without him.

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The question that needs to be answered. Would any other club pay $1.2 mil for Tom , $900K for Jake or $1.2 mil for DCE. I'd say not so why are we ? Because we are a desperate also ran bottom dweller.
Not now, will be interesting to see what the next deal will be for Tom and Jake as it will probably be there last, especially Jake.

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2021 Turbo the 1.1 is a good deal for the club, the 2024 Turbo you can definitely have the conversation on the remuneration Turbo is getting, the lack of self confidence in his body was reflective of his performances.

DCE I read he is on 850K this season and next, not consistent enough for a player with so many games under him, with the lack of halves in the game this is not a bad deal in my view.

Jake the 950K, this one for me is overs, bleeds Manly and has the passion but similar to JT from the Cows the game is to fast now for players with low leg speed, if your spending 950K on a player you want them to change the momentum of the game and create opportunities, a good tackle technique and effort you could say 600K - 700K would be about the right coin.

Need to sign some talented younger players that are not getting the opportunity at their respective clubs, the squad need a backrower ASAP.
Jake and Tom signed as a package deal, if it was just Jake he'd probably get around 600k being a SOO player and all.


The broom needs to be put through the place. The reality is that the club isn't going to push on with DCE and the Turbos chewing up the salary cap. And we all know there are too many old-school lumbering forwards. We don't control the ruck and the line speed is too slow.

Who stays and who goes?


  • Koula - has to play fullback going forward with or without Tom in the team.
  • Haumole - still feels like he is being underused and anytime he gets the ball it's poor with three guys hanging off him. He should almost be the premier forward in the game.
  • Saab- Shows improvement each year and creates tries with his pace. The injuries are a worry, but he is class.
  • Paseka - He's turned into a really good prop and hopefully he can keep getting better. Needs to try and go up a gear.
  • Garrick - But as a winger. Great club man and very good goalkicker

Can Stay at the right price

  • Jake - but needs to play prop. Make him captain
  • Talau - been a huge bright spot this year
  • Croker - we need to upgrade the hooker position, but this guy can stay at the club as depth
  • Brooks - Still has a few good years in him and he is on a reasonable contract
  • Burbo - the jury is still out but he did look good at center.
  • Waddell - good depth at minimum wage. Not be in the first 17 though
  • Bullemoor - Good depth, fringe first grade.
  • Jake Arthur - depth in the halves
  • Sipley - was really good before the latest injuries

Big Decisions to be made

  • DCE - Club legend but we need fresh blood and a new voice at Captain. Prefer he stays at the club and becomes coach at some stage.
  • Tom - Never plays and is not worth the price tag. Would be happy if he stayed on a reduced contract (600k) and played centre.

A firm Goodbye
  • Aloiai
  • Lodge
  • Nathan Brown (been good when he plays but he is pretty much done these days)
  • Condon
  • Lawton

Don't care either way - one of them can stay as depth at minimum contract
  • Jaxson Paulo
  • Ray Vaega

Not sure
  • Humphries
  • GCKT
Aloiai, Brown & Humphries definitely stay!


Jake and Tom signed as a package deal, if it was just Jake he'd probably get around 600k being a SOO player and all.
Every club in the comp would sign Jake for 600k.

600k is basically a decent first grader these days. Jake is better than that.

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Indeed a lot of 'experts' have him making the NSW team being named next week.
Agree, it's a strange one, Jake seems to stand out a lot more in the Blues team, his passes are crisp and accurate and his hit-ups are more intent and purposeful compared to club footy.

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