The Big Lie Part 2


Winging it
In a week when the PM and Libs popularity dived lower than a professional pearl hunter over the proposed Industrial Relations reforms and Johnny was lambasted in the press by Ross Gittens who explained that the newsprint ads by the Libs are one gigantic mistruth (in fact a blatant lie) it is time to twist the tune.

Look forward to two weeks of millions of tax-payer funded dollars going in multimedia ads on how some wacko strapped with plastic is going to get us. Yes, when all else fails there is always fear itself. The bombers are coming and it is time to change the political agenda away from what really affects 80% of Australians in their every day lives.


Here, here- unfortunately this was all coming to us as soon as that bastard got a majority in the senate. You would've thought voters would have been sick of his lies but unfortunately the lies were too good!


I agree Fluffy!
While I will argue with anyone about what a lying manipulative bastard Howard is, unfortunately most politicans are the same and the other choices we had weren't much better.
Those Federal Government ads attempting to put a positive spin of the whole thing were/are a joke and another attempt at twisting the situation.
What can we expect really, this guy took us to war based on a mistruth from his dumb arse mate George W Bush- found any weapons of mass destruction lately Johnny??


Journey Man
The biggest lie is told by those who would have you believe there is no God.

*sits back and watches Dan spark up*


Winging it
What can we expect really, this guy took us to war based on a mistruth from his dumb arse mate George W Bush- found any weapons of mass destruction lately Johnny??
To be fair to GW I think his and the Brittish military intelligence (yes, no more jokes please) let them all down. I think almost anyone would have been able to accurately predict that their decision would result in a protracted confrontation lasting years. JH had the opportunity to not side with what he was told but it would have been an enormous decision and in hindsight it seems wrong now but at the time I am sure they all, and probably rightly so, thought they were taking the correct action.


Journey Man
Why aren't they doing anything about Mugabe and his WMD then?

Or China?

Or Pakisatn?

Or India?

Or Nth Korea?

Oh, and when was the last time the UN inspected the USA stockpile?


Winging it
Good points Mata. I remember Tony Blair stating that Sadam had WMD and had the capability and intent of using them within hours. He said "I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the intelligence was genuine. It is absurd to say in respect of any intelligence that it is infallible, but if you ask me what I believe, I believe the intelligence was correct, and I think in the end we will have an explanation."

Of all the world's leaders he is one of the few I pin more than a little faith compared to the rest. I honestly believe that they honestly believed.

As for China, Pakistan and India I haven't seen any reports that they plan on using WMD immediately on any one.

You can only know as much as you are told but Kim Jong-Il concerns me enormously, not just the state of his mind but the way his citizens are forced to live with fascist and brainwashing overtones. I think the tip toe diplomacy leaves a lot to be desired but is better than making the same mistake seen in Iraq.

Mugabe? Bulldozers (not trying to be funny)?


Mata the answer to your last post is that they all fall into the too hard basket- Iraq was the easiest target and they stood to gain the most from the situation (OIL)

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