The axe is grinding for Des - MSE

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Some interesting response for our clubs "untouchable" Dessie.


Kim Jong Dan
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that is not the topic being debated there.

I think the responsibility for performance is in the players hands and am happy for Dessie to have another year whilst Bozo gets ready to take the reigns or someone like Toovey is groomed for the dad has a feeling matty johns has an outside chance
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Toovey, no way. He's been on the recieving end of many smashings as well. He reminds me of a Terry Lamb type coach.

Matty Johns now you've got my interest.


Kim Jong Dan
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I honestly think he is an outside chance for a coaching job at Manly. he lives locally, isoften at the games and has a few friends in the club. Not a bad option either, whilst Joey was better than Matty, matty had a lot of skill and could read the game very well. Injury stopped him way too early
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Problem is he would be on $1m plus on nine with the many media commitments he has. would you drop that for a coaching job at Manly?

He would be lucky to get $300k plus as a coach, we also shouldn't accept a part time coach.

Cant see it happening.
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who would you have a s a replacement coach?

Phil Blake (I think he wants to coach)
Phil Gould
tony kemp
chris anderson
paul langmack
terry lamb
craig coleman
mark murray
royce simmons
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You are joking Byso! You don't get an untried coach and put him in the hope he will do something. There is a heck of a lot more to coaching than getting them to do two laps, play a game of tip at training and then rant and rave in the dressing room before the game and at half-time. Bennett and Sheens didn't become good coaches overnight. If Phil Gould, Bozo himself and Peter Sterling rate Des as a good coach that will do me!!!!!
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Sorry this upsets you CW, Dessie didn't perform simple.

But I admire you're loyalty to an old mate.
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I agree Byso. I would have rathered the team started poorly, and improved at the end. Like every other team except for The Bulldogs.
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People say but he can do it look how good we started.

but my reply is.
He couldn't hold it together, even with minimal injuries.

Look at the Broncs

my Reply to that.
They never looked like A-graders way out of depth without a plan.
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Blame the coach if you like. Try reading Matas thread on what needs to be done rather than looking for a single scapegoat.

We had simple game plans as we had a weaker squad than most teams. (Tipped to come last by some.) We had a half and playmaker who couldn't play under pressure. We have a squad that didn't turn up away - but looked like world-beaters at Brookie. We had the slowest centre in the comp and one winger that can't take a high ball. Our cetnres are the weakest defensive combo in the comp! We had a half playing five-eighth and our top forward from last year spent much of the season injured (Hecks). We have very few NRL standard players in our PL team.

I am not celebrating a year of high achievement but I think that to sack a young coach that has progressed this year is harsh.

I am looking forward to the day some armchair critics actually go and do a bit of coaching to find out what it is really like!!!
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I read all of Mata stuff it was excellent, most of those factors pointed to coaching though, as well as some of the points you just stated.

I guess it's how you look at it though.
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I agree with CW, im not going to be calling for Dessie to be sacked based on the last 2 years. Sure we have had our 2 biggest defeats but our Roster has been pretty ordinary. Next year will be his make or break year.

Byso I understand your point regarding Brisbane but please consider the players they have compared to ours!!!!
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