The Australian Squad - Polictical or Form based selection?

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Mark Omealy - Injured

Minichelo - Slater... 2 Fullbacks???

Brett Kimmorley over Orford?

Can we be confident that the Australian Side we see these days consists of the "In form" players of the competition, or has Australian Rugby League acheived such a strangle hold on the world stage that the side is used more as a marketing tool full of big name publically recognised players.
Flipper, you cant be serious about questioning Kimmorley over Orford ????? Sharks have not loits a game with him at halfback, Orford was completely outplayed buy Craig Gower, and dare i say it, Michael Monaghan!!! not exactly "rush me into the test team" credentials there!
Im sure many will back me up there though pepsi, however, any comment on the question?
have not really looked at the squad to give you a detailed answer on that, but im happy with selectors showing loyalty, after all thats a major part of sport. re Mini and Slater, either of these guys could be chosen on the wing. Slater is in dazzling form and Mini didnt play bad on the weekend in a losing team and is the imcumbent.

i think manly fans are sometimes glossed over with anti kimmorley sentiment. If you where picking on Form even Monaghs would be ahead of Orford! has only had one bad game to Orfords two shockers!

Gower would be the only other option as half back.
Well, its been announced. The selectors of the Australian team have announced the side was picked on reputation rather than in form players.

What a joke. I wan't too see the best australia can offer, not who's got the best offer.
I feel the players from that tri series last year should really have to play themselves out of the team to be honest 1st game back.

And also they were talking on the sunday roast how Bennett wanted a team picked to suit his gameplan
That is why we get Berrigan and Civoniceva in the team. The rest of the team looks good for mine but Rooney, one of my favorite players, is yet to show anything and has been injured.
As well as omealy.

I can understand all your points guys, but Id just love to see the younge blokes carving up the game get the gig for once. Instead of the guys who look good because they play in sides with heaps of good players because they have broken the salary cap..... again.
Not going to happen if your from NSW.

Thats why we still have city/country - for all the up and comers to get a shot.
Because this has politics mentioned in the title !amazed

Having Minichelo in there is as stupid as placing Latham in charge of the Labor party! :p
Agree byso, maybe not so much on your little liberal campagn but Minichelo is as soft a player as they come. Their are better Fullbacks out their than him. Its a tough fight between Wesser and Slater but IMO wesser **** all over Slater in their recent match so he should get the gong. Perhaps their is a hint of Racism in the Austrlian selectors???
Ouch the "R" word.....How about these chaps?

-Tonie Carroll
-Petero Civoniceva
-Craig Wing
-Willie Tonga
-Matt Sing

And any others I didn't pick-up.
Gee, the Out-of Form card, the Bennett favorites card, the Never-enough-Queenslanders card, the I've-played-five-good-games-and-am being-ignored card, the Racist card...

Why don't we let women play the game? Yes, the Sexist card. They have been down-trodden too long and I am looking forward to some of the tackles.
Team P W L PD Pts
6 5 1 59 12
6 5 1 20 12
6 4 2 53 10
6 4 2 30 10
7 4 2 25 9
7 4 3 40 8
7 4 3 24 8
7 4 3 -8 8
7 4 3 -18 8
7 3 3 20 7
7 3 4 31 6
7 3 4 17 6
6 2 4 -31 6
7 3 4 -41 6
7 2 5 -29 4
6 1 5 -102 4
6 0 6 -90 2
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