The anti-byso (anti neo-conservative) thread.

Byso made a stunning confession to me last night via SMS.

Of course I'm sworn to secrecy but I chuckle every time I think of it. :lol:
Can you "accidentally" leave it somewhere where someone else can read it who isnt sworn to secrecy??
hahahaha.....very true. I'm not ashamed I had a laugh when they played it over and over again on TV last night.

"Conga line of Suckholes" in reference to the Libs re Australia USA relations.

Obviously another reason why Australia held Latham in such "high esteem" :lol: :lol:
that was a golden comment and clearly a man after the AE hearts.............

Well all the best Latham.

Time to actually put a challenge to the fear mongering little squirt Howard.

Like matas said.

The reds Byso the Reds, its time for us commies to make our mark........
but the colour looks good on your nexk dude :D

Next thing you know Ryan the Man chicken will be after you too
Hey I'm only in trouble if i'm standing under the goal posts while Man chicken is kicking for goal. :oops:
:D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
[b:377d492ac5]Comment on the Howard Govt from an independent source - SMH[/b:377d492ac5]

What is certainly true of the media since the election is that they have provided little effective scrutiny of the Government. Victory, it seems, justifies almost anything.

The Government's plans to privatise Telstra with continuing monopoly powers, only ameliorated by inept management, and to legislate to assist in the further concentration of the media, are clothed in the rhetoric of economic reform that the media generally accept. (Nothing could be further from rational competition policy.)

The abuses of the election campaign - the pork-barrel spending of hundreds of millions of dollars and the disgraceful use of probably $30 million worth of government advertising - now that there is the time to document them and reveal their depth and corrupting influence, have been largely forgotten. The hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding by allowances and other perks of MPs - what was called by West Australian academic Peter van Onselen the "cartelisation" of politics - has not been effectively detailed or the implications canvassed.
A journo wrote it. Most of them are lefties so it doesn't surprise. He would get $2- for that. No name. Doesn't surprise though. He's probably ashamed of his own work. :p

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