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The Adjudicator

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

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    The Adjudicator takes an early look at round six of the NRL premiership

        By The Adjudicator
        April 14, 2010

    While Cam Smith has problems with the referees, The Adjudicator has his own issues with the Storm captain, casting doubts over the Monday grudge match against Manly.

    Smith has complained that the lines of communication aren't open between captains and refs, I think the same can be said for Cam and myself. Mr Smith knew how much I had on the line heading into week five and he promised me better. Not happy.

    If there's one thing I have learnt about this tipping game over the years it is that you have to take the good with the bad.

    Melbourne Storm v Manly, Etihad Stadium, Monday 7pm (EST)
    The Adjudicator says: "I remember in 2008 when these two teams battled it out for the minor premiership there were more illegal hits than tries. There is always plenty of feeling between these two teams and you can be sure that Steve Matai and T-Rex Williams will be lining up Inglis and co in a crucial battle on the fringes. The Storm are particularly vengeful after a defeat but Manly have now found their 80-minute game. All I can say for sure at this stage is that there will be blood."

    Agree/disagree with The Adjudicator? Tell him, in 100 words or fewer, why your team will win this match. Email The Adjudicator, including your full name and where you're from.

    Robbie D from the Gold Coast says: "Robbie D is back for 2010 and it’s great to be back to help you out Mr. A! This game brings more Neanderthals and primitive bashers than Braveheart & Jurasic Park combined, Stewart, Inglis, Watmough, and T-Rex all come to mind. All that aside, it will be another beastly animal that will stand up in this one, and I’m not talking about a dirty time wasting hooker with a three week growth, I’m talking about Lyon…Jaime Lyon. Expect big things from the newest NSW skipper as Manly – Orford + Lyon + Hodkinson + Foran = another premiership."

    Crocdundi says: "Mr Adjudicator, last year I tried telling you the Storm strategy of flying under the radar. The strategy continues. Storm will win enough games to get the second week in Sept off and then turn on the after burners. As for this Monday - I wish Sea Eagles had a tongue long enough to lick their wounds. Even though I want the Silvertails to be demolished - it will be Storm by 3. Don't let last week misguide you - Storm wanted to win by 2 points and eased off. The drop kick penalty was not in the script! BTW, I agree - you should continue to tip against Storm. That's our good luck charm! May the STORM be with you!"

    Andrew says: "Your tipping is about as woeful as a weekend footy player trying to pick his own broken nose. For the 1st four rounds you picked against the Storm and you paid the price. Then in round 5, you put the kiss of death on them by actually putting your 50c on the Storm to beat the Titans. Where is that 2009 form of yours? - Last year during the finals period you predicted that the Storm were the team to beat! But this year you may have gotten ahead of yourself and wrote them off early. Hence - I hope for our sake that you are picking Manly this week on their trip to Etihad on Monday, otherwise it could end in tears for us Mexicans. The Storm really didn't fire in the 2nd half against the Titans - I think the past few rounds took it's toll, but make no mistake they will be fresh after the 10 day break so watch out Manly, And put your cash on the Eagles Mr A, - Storm by 14 in a gritty one!"

    Geoff from Brookvale Oval says:
    "The Storm have failed to exhibit a 'break-out' performance in 5 Rounds averaging less than 18 in attack. So part of their brilliant machinery isn't quite working. Manly scored 18 in 6 minutes on Sunday, and have had 2 'break-out' performances in Rds 4 and 5. And they are scoring from all quarters, indicating great team work and attitude. With some trepidation, and an 'unsettled' Inglis I back Manly - by 10."

    Storm fan Ty says: "Surely Mr Adjudicator you have enough commonsense to realise that there is no hope in hell for Manly on Monday. Storm a 10 day break GI set to fire. Cronk Slater Smith. The queenslander spirit will thrive and pound these wingless Eagles by approxiametely 34 points!!!! GO STORM"

    Silvertail of Manly says: "The Melbourne Milkmen will be tough in their own backyard but the Manly boys have the ability to give it to those Mexicans....Manly have won down there before and can do it again....look out Inglis T-Rex is coming to get you!!!! I long to see GI "has no form" get his head rubbed into the dirt at Etihad....It will be a close one.......and Mr. Ajudicator just remember to ask yourself who can boast beating the Melbourne RainStorm 40-0 on the one day in the NRL calendar that REALLY counts? The MIGHTY MANLY-WARRINGAH SEA EAGLES CAN! Up yours Smith! Manly by 8!"
  2. Zep

    Zep Active Member

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    No definate decision from Mr A. well that is new,manly might be in with half a chance now :p :D.

    Silvertails of Manly had a good post too.
  3. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

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    is it just me or does anyone think this hidden writer is actually Bill Harrigan ive noticed last year and this year if you bag the refs weather your a player or a coach the adjuctator bags you.

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