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The Adjudicator gives his verdict on round seven of the NRL

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Tipping footy is like a game of chess, in that you need to know when to make your move and with a foolproof blueprint, the Adjudicator has round seven in check.

    While tipping the Sharks' pawns to limp to another defeat, the Adjudicator has got an eight-move check mate guideline ready for you to use this weekend.

    So if your luck isn't with you in a game of two up this Sunday, the Adjudicator has got some tips that might win you back some of that lost cash.

    Read on for my final verdict, it is pure genius.

    Manly v Gold Coast Titans, Brookvale Oval, Sydney, Monday 7pm (EST)
    The Adjudicator's verdict: "Some of the Adjudicator’s close sources suggested that Scott Prince may make a surprise appearance for the Titans on Monday night but from where I sit he is better off waiting another week. Because with or without their leader, the Titans have about as much hope of winning this week at Brookvale as the Adjudicator is of winning over some fans on the north side of the bridge. Having said that I am not in this business to be well liked and as much as I would love to stir some more tension I can only tip the Sea Eagles by 18."


    Dandy says: It is unlike you Mr A. for tipping Manly ???, what's change your tune so quickly.........perhaps last Monday game???? At this moment Manly has being flying under the radar (4 Monday's night game). BTW channel 9 lose out on a ripper of the game between Manly Vs Storm. Manly should win on Monday as long they don't believe that they are the bench mark team and keep on telling that St George and Storm are the team to beat. They need to fly under the radar all the way to the grand final.

    Screaming Lord Bozo from Brisbane says: Mr. A, The Titans will be playing for houses on Monday night. The mighty Eagles already have theirs, it’s called Brookvale! After Monday the Manly boys will be invited to join the IPL. Let’s be honest, the scorer will run out of lead keeping up!

    Geoff of The Insular Peninsular says:
    Your backhanded Manly-phobic prediction (typical of the Sydney media for as long as I can remember) doesn't deserve the careful analysis provided by your respondents. Give credit where it is due without fear or favour? Naahh the media doesn't do that for Manly. Manly by lots.

    Jake from the Gold Coast says: thank you for NOT picking the titans, whenever you decide to pick them they lose badly like when you pick the reds. Titans to win by a few granted you don't change your mind.

    Alex from Leeton says: Manly by 13+ and then some, the only thing stopping the eagles from piling on a cricket score is if the 2 refs in this match are worse than the 2 at ANZ on Sunday.

    Ozmatt says: Nice to see your joining the Manly bandwagon Mr. Adjudicator, I hope you've learnt never to tip against us again. After watching our gutsy win in Melbourne I think Manly fans are thinking 2008 all over again. As for the Titans with our without their Prince they have as much chance of taking down fortress Brookvale as the U.S has of 'winning' in Iraq. Manly to start slow (for a change) after the brutal encounter in Melbourne but put your house on a 13+ Manly victory.

    Silvertail of Manly says: You should have listened to me last week Mr. A and you would have had a few extra tipping points....I told you the Melbourne Milkmen were going to get worked at home by the Might of the Manly Sea Eagles....and not only did Inglis hurt himself trying to keep up with the Eagles....T-Rex was pushing them aside like ragdolls....expect more of the same from the Manly boys against the Titans....the Eagles will pick them off one-by-one....and the scoreline will be bigger too....the Titans won't have enough in the tank to win this game or a premiership in 2010 .....run for cover Titanettes......The Eagles are coming in for the kill.....Manly by 16!

    for the rest


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