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The 2012 Jan Davis Memorial tipping competition is now open

Discussion in 'Fantasy Footy and Tipping Forum' started by Dan, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Dan

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    The 2012 Jan Davis Memorial tipping competition is now open
    Hi Everyone,

    I have set up the tipping competition for the 2012 season, As always the competition is run with a $20 entry.

    The name of the competition is named in the loving memory of Jan "Corso Jan" Davis a lovely lady who's life and story touched many Sea Eagles fans.

    Anyway that's enough blithering from me. The rules and details can be found at http://www.silvertails.net/tipping-comp/...ompetition

    You will need to be logged into the front-end and then go to http://www.silvertails.net/tipping-comp/...ompetition and click on season 2012.

    You enter the comp by entering your tips. I repeat as I get asked this questions every year

    How do I enter the competition
    You enter the competition simply by going to the page whilst logged in and entering your tips

    How much does it cost?
    $20 AUD

    How do I pay
    Paypal, or if you make an arrangement with me we accept direct deposit, though paypal is preferred

    What can I win?
    Besides the admiration of many a Manly fan we have prizes up for grabs each year. Last year was a voucher for the Factory outlet shop, valued at $150, in other years it has been framed photos and more.

    This year it will likely be another framed photo probably of the Grand Final team or something similar, myself and our donator will decide in the coming weeks

    How does the comp work?
    It's a simple win loss draw competition. Just login and choose the teams you think will win and hit submit.

    As a curve ball to try and break up the field more, at least one game per week, I set as a bonus game, where points are doubled for that game. However you do not accrue any bonus points until you have paid, then you will start to get bonus points for every round after you have paid, this is all an incentive to get you to pay, obviously

    what if I have more questions?
    Then ask away

    So join up guys, the money goes towards keeping this site running, and we make a donation each year to a charity based on the income from the comp and what is left over after site fees bit me in the ass.
    The charities are usually related to breast cancer.

    So please join up and enjoy. Ask any questions you may have and good luck.

    The first few weeks are free, if you haven't paid after 10 rounds then you are removed from the competition. You do not get bonus points until you have paid.


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