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Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
This thread is for recommendations on a few categories. Use the template below to post yours. It may help a few of us discover some new things. They don’t need to be favourites just things you recommend

<name> Recommends

TV Show:
Red Wine:
White Wine:
Holiday Destination:
Something to Do on the weekend:
Journey Man
Fluffy Recommends

Song: Sandwiches bu Grand funk poobars - the stupidest song ive ever heard but great to luagh at (not with)
Album: Piper at the gates of dawn - Pink Floyd
Band: THe winters (northern beaches local band kinda a cross between powderfinger and radiohead)
Book: Infinity welcomes careful drivers - Doug Naylor
Author: Doug Naylor
TV Show: Little Britain
Movie: The Shining - Stanley Kubrick
Restaurant: Splash at Newtown, Cheap seafood but great value. Best baby occa ever
Red Wine: Wolfblass yellow label - can never go wrong
White Wine: N/A
Beer: Boddingtons - a very creamy draught ale from manchester
Spirit: Absynth
Holiday Destination: langkawai islands, Malaysia - Like phu-ket but cheaper and duty free alcohol
Website: - gives you all the weather info
Pub/Club: Top of the glenmore in summer at sunset
Beach: mungo beach - near myall lakes
Gym: N/A
Magazine: Playboy
Something to Do on the weekend: Watch the footy
Premium Member
Song: Live it up, Mental as Anything
Album: Best of Van Morrison
Band: Beatles
Book: Haven't read a book since I left school except a Shane Warne, Des Hasler & History of Manly books
Author: See above
TV Show: The Amazing Race
Movie: Zulu
Restaurant: Ajhermers Indian Restuarant, Balgowlah (Makani Prawns)
Red Wine: Andrew Garrret Cab/sav
White Wine: Four Sisters
Beer: Tooheys Old
Spirit: Bourbon
Holiday Destination: Bawley Point
Website: AE of course
Pub/Club: Middle Harbour Skiff Club
Beach: Freshwater
Gym: Manly Leagues
Magazine: Fishing World
Something to Do on the weekend: Rest


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
Zaphod Recommends:

Song: Lampshade (by Kashmir, The Good life)
Album: Do The Pops (compilation of Australian Garage Bands), also Shake some Action, another compilation of alternative music
Band: Radio Birdman
Book: The Damage Done (Cant remember the guys full name now, but it’s a true story about an aussie drug trafficker who went to bang kwang prison)
Author: Raymond E Feist
TV Show: Red DWarf
Movie: High Fidelity
Restaurant: Milano’s at neutral bay
Red Wine: 2002 Merlot from McLinden Estate (boutique Hunter Winery)
White Wine: <I don’t drink white>
Beer: Coopers Home Brew
Spirit: Johnny walker Black label Scotch
Holiday Destination: Guam or Saipan
Website: <a href='http://Http://' target='_blank'>Http://</a>
Pub/Club: The Crows Nest Hotel
Beach: Freshwater
Gym: <I don’t go to the gym>
Magazine: FHM of Course
Reserve Grader
Hopium Recommends

Song: Boogie Woogie (for some odd reason this sounds like a Euro contest song... sung by scantily clad Norweigan girls)
Album: Poodle Hat - Wierd Al
Band: The Who
Book: The Last Continent - Terry Pratchett
Author: Douglas Adams
TV Show: Red Dwarf!
Movie: Life of Brian
Restaurant: Splash
Red Wine: The Rose (a pink shiraz... from some boutique wine place in the Hunter)
White Wine: Anything cheap... damn I love law parties.
Beer: I like Stella... Oh, and Trafalgar Pale Ale from Lord Nelson
Spirit: Absynth... La Fee particularly
Holiday Destination: Bora Bora or Turkey
Pub/Club: I'll drink anywhere.
Beach: Seven Mile Beach... at Gerroa
Gym: the big USYD one... niiiice
Magazine: I love Playboy
Something to Do on the weekend: Fart around...
Reserve Grader
Song: Business In Me
Album: Living - The JBT
Band: Maeder
Book: Highway To Hell
Author: Not much of a book fan
TV Show: Lano And Woodley
Movie: Saw
Restaurant: cRave cafe in Terrigal
Red Wine: -
White Wine: -
Beer: Boags
Spirit: Real McCoy B and C
Holiday Destination: Terrigal
Website: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
Pub/Club: Terrigal pub
Beach: North Avoca
Gym: -
Magazine: Blunt
Something to Do on the weekend: Sleep


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
i love maddox pages they are ****ing hilarious
Journey Man
Song: Caught a light sneeze - Tori Amos
Album: Sign 'o' the Times - Prince
Band: Depeche Mode
Book: Luke's gospel
Author: Brett Easton Ellis
TV Show: Twin Peaks
Movie: Flatliners
Restaurant: Shalamar Restaurant, Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra
Red Wine: Tatachilla Adelaide Hills Merlot 2001
White Wine: De Bortoli Traminer Reisling 2003 (great value at $5)
Beer: Crownies
Spirit: Absolut Vodka
Holiday Destination: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Pub/Club: Seaview Hotel - Townsville
Beach: Plettenburg Bay, South Africa
Gym: RSL Health and Fitness Club - Dubbo
Magazine: BRW
Something to Do on the weekend: Visit Western Plains Zoo :wink:

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