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Thanks Killer Skivy and Snake

Harry Smith

I think I'm actually a bloody sea eagle
Aug 27, 2016
Well it's been long documented that Snake (Brett Stewart) and Skivy (Steve Matai) may not return for manly and with Jamie Lyon retiring I think now is the time I give my respects to these manly greats.

Brett Stewart- Snake has been below his best this year struggling with ongoing injuries and a loss of confidence. Yet that is no reason for us manly fans to forget all the good he's done at the club. He has done it all and given his all for us and created my and many of our favourite memories of him when he goes off scoring tries down at Brookvale oval on a Sunday afternoon. Snake has been one of the best, If not the best fullback in our history and we'll miss him and his ability to do the unimaginable when nothing's on when he's playing. Brett has been a legend on and off the field for us and we'll miss him greatly.

Steve Matai- Although I don't think his career is over yet, I know that the hitman is on his last legs, nearly outta ammunition. Steve 'hitman' Matai has been instrumental in the golden era and is the heart and soul of the club, none tougher then him. Skivy's hits and attitude might be the most talked about area of his game but when it comes to skill there is few better then Matai. The tap ons to snake, the way he managed to draw in defenders only to set up the winger to score and the way he would put his body on the line for manly really showed me how to go about playing for my local club and helped me get on track to making my way hopefully to professional rugby league playing for manly. He showed many of us that rugby league is not about size but mentality. We will greatly miss Steve but I believe he'll stay at the club in some form, helping the next generation gain that mentality.

Jamie Lyon- Finally we get to the kid from the country... The legend from the country. Killer may be a legend because of his greatness on and off the field but he is also a legend cause he left parramatta for us. A bit of a role reversal, seeing all our players leave for them fail, only to have the players from parramatta coming to manly succeed just makes our lives all that much better. Anyway back to killer. I mentioned his talents on the field before but he really was something special, always found a way and defended with his heart in his hands. Most importantly Jamie Lyon did everything his way and aren't we all greatful for that. Killer will obviously be irreplaceable like the other two and also like the other two, will push to be in manly's greatest team line-up... For me they all are certainties.
It is a shame that they will have to hang up the boots eventually, whether Stewart and Matai do it now or next year I just wanted to make sure that i honour everything they've done for us and hope they all get involved with the club in some capacity in the near future. See ya Killer, Skivy and Snake!
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