Tezza's spitting quips - from Manly Daily

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Canteen Worker, Jun 21, 2005.

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    Tezza's spitting quips - from Manly Daily


    THE surprising thing is not that Terry Hill is still sledging 16 years into an eventful career.

    No, the shock comes from seeing it work time and time again.

    Players that are normally as composed as a Buckingham Palace beefeater suddenly turn into tortured headcases as Tezza spits out his schoolyard taunts.

    Add short-fused Newcastle winger Anthony Quinn and mouthy prop Clint Newton to his large list of victims after the pair suffered mental disintegration during the Sea Eagles' come-from-behind 48-26 win at Brookvale Oval on Sunday.

    Quinn finished the game in the sin bin after throwing a ball at Hill's head in a moment of sheer frustration.

    Newton tried to keep pace but his best lines came to him an hour after full-time.

    Hill thrives on verbal intimidation.

    He gave the Warriors' Clinton Toopi a mouthful in round one and finished all over the top of him.

    On Sunday the motormouth was in top gear as Hill, scorer of two tries, produced arguably his finest performance of the year.

    He's one of the few sportsmen who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

    Manly coach Des Hasler, who used ``please'' when he called for the ball in his playing days, says Hill is too old to change his ways.

    And that's fine by Des.

    ``Terry was really up for the game, he really wanted to play well,'' Hasler said.

    ``He gives the side a lot of confidence when he's like that.''

    Hill was one of five players to cross the line in an incredible try-scoring frenzy early in the second half against the winless Knights.

    It swept the Sea Eagles to a 36-10 advantage after they surprisingly trailed by two points at the break.

    Basically, 20 minutes of good football was enough to see off the depleted Knights.

    ``With no disrespect to the Knights, we shouldn't have been in that position at half- time,'' skipper Michael Monaghan said.

    ``There's still a lot of areas to improve on but that's probably a good sign when you're in second spot.''
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    Tezza's spitting quips - from Manly Daily

    Good article. Tezza is a champ. I think he'll rattle Utais cage as well.
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