Tezza on the Nose

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Kim Jong Dan
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Just speculated on the footy show that tezza has had a bit of a tiff with a few of the players???

anyone got any idea?
I saw that rubbish too. Danny Weidler is a known weed, and usually talks crap. Also saw Sterlo say that Hill will play second row. I think it's time for Sterlo to give it up.

Gee that show still sucks. Craig McLachlan [sic], was a stand up comedian, he was so bad, some bloke yelled out "get him off", and then the crowd all screamed "off,off,off...., he then left, it was bloody gold. Funniest thing on the show in 2 years.
Was excellent!

What a ****ing moron....From the moment he walked on I knew that he would be ****house. Something about wearing a tight camoflauge shirt.... :?
Yep, Craig's wardrobe needs to be kicked to Carson for comment :p

I thought the Dare Devil Dudes was about the only good part of the show. Seeing the Chief get his nuts crushed gave me some consolation for past sins! The rest of the show lacks a lot of anything and is really looking jaded.

As for Tezza he needs to be showing mongrel to the opposition, and nowhere else. He has a giant ego and has always been the practical joker. Save any bad blood for those not in maroon & white Tezza. As for Sterlo's analysis on his positional play - I hope the Warriors have been taking his advice 'cos it is only going to help US.
I've given up on the Footy Show.

It's well known that Weidler hates Manly. Bugger him - he's just trying to cause trouble.
What I saw at the fans day indicated the opposite. Tezza was involved in good natured banter, they all listened as Zorba introduced him and later there was lots of byplay.
I was there too CW. His signature on my posters was the largest of any player and on one he scrawled over a couple of other player's heads. Read into that what you like.....
Danny Weidler is a tosser. I would like to know who he has it over to get the gig on Channel 9 (or who he saw the boss rooting at the staff Christmas party)- he definately wouldn't have been picked on his journalist skills or his looks for that matter.
I'm no oil painting but people with heads like his should stick to print or radio- though he speaks with a bit of a lithspe so maybe just print.
You may think I'm being harsh- but really this prick makes his money but pushing largely untruths onto an unsuspecting public so if he dishes it out he should be able to cop a bit.
Go lick up Rustys arse a bit more mate- why don't you ask him some tougher questions next time rather than ones from a pre-prepared list which would have been presented to the 'Cinderella Man' before hand.
Spray of the week!!

Says it all though! I lost interest in the Footy Show a while ago as I couldn't stand the egos involved.

Watch the AFL footy show and discern the difference in the credibility of the two!!!
The Footy Show is more like a variety show these days . I find the NRL on Fox show on Weds nights & NRL scoreboard on Mon nights worth watching. ( as long as you can put up with Laurie "tryhard" Daley )
I couldn't agree with PJ more. Weidler has gone from writing the most banal Sunday sports column (and that's saying something given that Rebecca Wilson is the competition) to being the ugliest sports presenter on TV apart from Phil Gould.

And Ch9 wonder why 7 are catching them in the ratings?
AFL footy show is BORING.

Footy show is a variety show. Simple as that. Its about fun and seeing football players as humans rather than robots having interviews and just talking football all the time.

Thats what the Sunday one is for otherwise they wouldnt have a sunday one.... :roll:
Variety to me is more than lame fart jokes, gags, dorothy dix type questions, silly challenges and ego smoothing etc. I used to love the fun stuff but they are running out of ideas.

Each to their own but I prefer Roy and HG etc where you can be more than 10 yrs old and have an IQ of more than 25 to enjoy them!!

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