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I only caught a bit of the test as I had to drive a daughter to a party a long way away from home. What astounded me was that there was nil radio coverage.

It looked to be a good game, though the referee didn't look up to it. Comments on team and individual performances I cannot make - it sets up a good series though.


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Kite and Matai played very well in their debut performances. Pity I can't check any stats as it seems nrl.com aren't doing what they did during the regular season with the console and live stats and such.


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i thought kite was great - did a huge stine - 20 mins 2st hafl till 65 second

matai was one of NZ best did nothing wrong and made good metre when he was given the chance - not often enough

given a better 5/8 he could have gone really well


I thought Matai played poorly.

Hardly did anything all game, except be out of position and make cheap shots. It is only because NZ hardly have anyone else that he will be playing next game.


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Matai was only out of position because it was 7 on 2 and he had to come in. It was on the other side that Australia were making the most metres.

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I think you are dreaming Si

If he was out of position, Gasnier would have made full use of it and had an outstanding game, did you hear his name much ?

I thought it was a great game, loved the brutality in it. Mason acted like a cock, talked himself up all week, made those comments during the haka, then sat on the bench, Kidwell got him good though. The hit from Vatuvei on Hunt was a ripper too


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Have to agree with Si, Matai's positional play was diabolical. Gasnier played poorly as well, he's entirely overrated. As I predicted NZ, no brains all brawn. With a brain playing they could have won as I thought there forwards outplayed ours.

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btw, for those questioning Matais positioning, did you actually notice that he was actually defending inside Jones for most of the game ?


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I thougt it was a great test. First 10 mins were fantastic. Had it all with tough clashes, moments of brilliance and luck. Kiwis held their own and make the series interesting. Kite was very good, but most players gave a big sight. and hard to pick standouts but I thought Hindmarsh was incredibly solid in defence.

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