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I enjoyed the game, a physical clash that stopped it being so open

I thought overall the Kiwis were the better side for most of the game but thats the way it goes, hopefully the 2 sides can meet in the final again. The huge positive for us was that Jones was running the ball again. Hape showed glimpses of his class too.

Matai, another solid game. Was strong running in attack and defensively was pretty good too. Gasnier beat him once 1 on 1 , and he respoded to that with a hit on O'Meley which was pretty good

Kite i thought was good too, ball running was strong and he was throwing some good passes too


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I thought Hape was great.................Kiwi's didn't deserve to lose that one


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I thought the kiwis played well enough not to lose that game - it was a big improvement on last week thats for sure. I was livid when the kiwis gave away that penalty with 3 minutes to go for the high tackle on thaiday (vagana I think). Gave the aussies a piggy back down field..... and after defending so bloody well for the entire game - it was enough to rip the undies! I think Kidwell's expression at the end was enough!!

The Manly boys - Matai was asked to do alot of defensive work and with the exception of a one on one miss was very solid, Kite was great again.

I would personally like to see Ben Roberts play 5/8 instead of Vagana. Vagana is NOT a 5/8.


Vagana is a liability these days and is too slow to be 5/8.

The kiwi's really miss Benji at 5/8 (and SBW and Jason Cayless) as he would give them the attacking spark that they are missing.


A few changes to the Aussie side.
Lyon in for Gasnier.(injury)
Inglis into the centres to see more ball.(wasnt convinced with him befroe, am now)
Hodges out of the side and bring in a specialty winger(any idesa on who?)


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Pretty ordinary game except for the last 10 mins.
You are hard to please CW !

That was a ripper of a game. The kiwis did themselves proud in completely turning their previous effort around, particularly in attack. Aussies were just plain lucky to win, and through the undoubted efforts of a freak.

There is nothing like the intensity of representing your country and I thought it was a great game. Hate to say it but I cheered when the kiwis got their second try as it was so well deserved. I am looking forward to the kiwi/pom game next Saturday night as that will be another bruising, no prisoners encounter.

I thought Kite is really stepping up and deserves his spot. Matai was solid, but Soliola was probably more impressive and I remember his form as being absolute ****e at the beginning of the year. Luke O'Donnell made it two top efforts in a row and I would love to sign him.

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I am probably being a little controversial and half-cocked as I didn't see all the game due to taxiing kids around. I suppose also I thought the Aussies were a bit flat.

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