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In the tele today there is an article on the blues squad from last year and the injury tolls.

they have each position and a quick report on it, then the standout player.

No suprise that Lock is BK but i was suprised that the second row standout was Watmough.

He is getting some serious talk these days - i hope he uses this to spur him on to becoming a better player.


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Imagine the player he will come back as. We have heard stories of him idolising BK and learning a lot from him. Imagine being involved with all the big heads in the origin squad for 6 weeks? He is on fire at the moment and will only get better if he is included.


Journey Man
I agree that he would learn a truckload of stuff and it could be a great thing to happen or us. He has never been short of enthusiasm - and now with the right leadership he is going somewhere.

i am starting to be convinced that if he keeps his form up that he will get the bench spot - too many professional writers and commentator in on it. This is more than just manly fan stuff.

I think he is all but guarenteed a city jumper. A good showing there could seal the deal.

Good luck to him

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In his favour he is very young. Playing in a stronger back has certainly helped him (and Beaver!)

Too early to pencil him into any SOO side - City Country form will be important.


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i hope he does play origin he has the confidence to,
i was looking at some of the manly photos ive got on my pc and i found one of Choc in 2003 and compared it to the pic on the front of big league and he has got massive.


Journey Man
Your right pepsi - but hopefully some of them have the manly spirit. Im pretty sure guys like King and Watmough will be happy on a good amount to stay at a winning manly. Also we have already signed up most for at least 2 more years.

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