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Teenage `freak' has a strong case for debut

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

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    Source: http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/...st-titans.html


    TITANS skipper Scott Prince describes teenage tearaway Kayne Lawton in one word -- freak.
    Lawton is just 18, already training with the Gold Coast's top squad and bench presses more than most of the club's first grade prop forwards.
    One more thing ... he is a halfback.
    "He's is a freak," said premiership-winning captain Prince. "I just shake my head.
    "I have been doing weights for seven or eight years now and I haven't got half the body that kid has."
    Lawton, an 85kg powerhouse, regularly busts out three 145kg repetitions on the bench press.
    Hulking 114kg prop James Stosic is considered the biggest lifter in the Titans pack, with his best being three 150kg reps.
    "He would have to be up there (as one of the strongest players pound for pound) in the league," said Prince.
    "He is not even a man yet, he is a kid.
    "I am flat out lifting 120kg three times."
    Lawton was a standout for Palm Beach Currumbin in the Arrive Alive Cup last year, guiding the school through to the national semi-finals.
    While originally signed to play in the new national under-20s, he has grabbed the attention of Titans head coach John Cartwright.
    Cartwright has invited Lawton to train alongside the first grade squad throughout the pre-season and named him to play in the club's first trial match against Canberra on February 16 in Ipswich.
    "He is a great kid and has a fantastic attitude," said Cartwright, who sees Lawton more as a future hooker rather than a halfback.
    "He just wants to learn, he works himself hard and I like what I have seen from the moment I have met him.
    "He is a perfect example to the other guys in the 20s that if you come here with the right attitude then nothing is impossible."
    Lawton said his goal was to make his NRL debut this year and could not believe the commotion his feats in the weights room had caused.
    Legendary NRL coach Tim Sheens is his father's second cousin, but acts like more of an uncle to the talented youngster.
    "Coming from school I thought they would all be doing 160kg or something," said Lawton. "I couldn't believe I was up there with the highest ones.
    "It is awesome to get to go out and train with the NRL players, because that is what I want to be.
    "It makes me feel like I am getting close and hopefully this year I can crack it." Prince said he was looking forward to seeing Lawton play in the first trial.
    "I haven't seen him play yet, but seeing him train in the gym with us, he has definitely got an athlete's body," said Prince. "But at the end of the day we are talking about rugby league.
    "I mean, you look at someone like (Wests Tigers fullback) Brett Hodgson -- my missus is probably stronger in the arms than him but he can play football.
    "You can lift weights and all the rest of it and be a mean athlete.
    "But whether you have got the football ability and mental strength is another
  2. ManlyBacker

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    He is bigger than Arnie at 18. Makes you wonder.
  3. Berkeley_Eagle

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    HMMM steriods at 15-16 ?
  4. nodd

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    Reminds me of myself at 18  ::) ;)
  5. Fluffy

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    worked for that dutch swim chick

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