Team Line Up for Sharks


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MANLY NRL TEAM: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Steve Bell, Steve Matai, Chris Hicks, Travis Burns, Matt Orford, Jason King, Michael Monaghan, Brent Kite, Steve Menzies, Anthony Watmough, Ben Kennedy©
Interchange: Shayne Dunley, Luke Williamson, Adam Cuthbertson, Mark Bryant, Paul Stephenson (1 player to be omitted)


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hmm for mine Matai is the weakest link and should be dropped and steppa brought in but not on the bench

The Gronk

I would assume Steppa is named in case Matai isn't fit. Hopefully that means Cuthbertson is a definite starter. He should be a starting winger with Hicks in the centres though....

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Stepho must be there to cover Matai and his injury.

Good to see Burns with 6, Monaghan with 9 and Robertson on the wing. Sadly King still reigns!!!


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It also says this guys - so Cuthbo will play - Steppa ommitted:-

Coach Des Hasler has rewarded newcomer Michael Robertson with a starting place after his fine performance against the Cowboys.

Travis Burns has secured the 5/8 spot with Michael Monaghan starting at Hooker.

Adam Cuthbertson will play his first NRL match after receiving the call up in place of Kylie Leuluai who is suspended.


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With Dessie we never know ;)

But yeah, that's gotta be right. And it looks like he might have his five-eighth/hooker spots sorted. Just let them stay that way.


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Pi$$ of Dunley for Ballin, he can also play backrow. Maybe get rid of Willow for Rose to add some size to our bench.


He has stuck with basically the same team so they must win on saturday night for his sake. I still cannot work out why King is still there. Hopefully he will cop heaps form the crowd if he makes any more misssed tackles or gives away penalties on saturday.

As well as ballin and Rose in the team i would like Des to try with Bryant as starting prop and bring kite off the bench as i think that Kite would make more of an impact this way and bryants defence is neeed in the first 15-20 minutes.


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PREMIER LEAGUE: Mark Lennon, Mitch Creary, Sean Dalton, Wes Tillot, Sean Meaney, Michael Witt, Clint Halden, Kane Cleal, Matt Ballin, Phil Morwood, Nathan Tutt, Glenn Stewart, J P Cherry ©
Interchange: Jeff Robson, Todd Barrow, Jim Curtis, Jason Wells, Mailangi Styles, Rob Toshack

JERSEY FLEG: Rodney Peake, Tom Joseph, Jon Grieve, Tim Mortimer, Harry Berryman, Sam Key ©, Aaron Groom , Chris Trembath, Tyrone Shelley, Mark Offerdahl, Wayne Boorer, Mitchell Taueli, John O’Sullivan
Interchange: J P Hawach, Sean Ross, Trent Rose, Terry Kelly, Andrew Everingham, Jesse Shelley, Mitchell King

Just quietly where are Arnold and Sione in the PL side. They were the best things since sliced bread in pre-season.

At least one of the three stars from PL has got a shot. Now just drop Dunley for Ballin, and Willo for Rose and we'll be sweet. Then when Leuluai gets back, King can have a stint in PL. Have to agree that Steppa deserves to start over Matai, on the wing though.


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It's more balanced though guys. It LOOKS more structured. Monaghan just has to understand what dummy 1/2 means. He's not 5/8 - he's dummy 1/2.

I know this sounds petty, but Hasler HAS to get them wearing the right number jersey. If Monaghan is wearing 6, he'll want to play that way.

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