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Taufua [Merged (not yet a mega) Thread]

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lyons den, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. lyons den

    lyons den New Member

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    Had to look away after bomb after bomb was hoisted towards him.i know injury has hampered his form and rhythm but come semi's surely other sides will view the tape.
    I know ill get shot down but I believe chayse blair has filled in admirably when given his chance..safe under the high ball and enthusiasm to match.
    blair for semi's please
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    • Terry-Randal

      Terry-Randal Active Member

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      RE: tafua

      George taufua is our best winger he just had a bad day.we simply have too many forwards out and have no depth.
    • bob dylan

      bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

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      RE: tafua

      I think Gutherson will press for a starting place.
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      • Mark from Brisbane

        Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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        RE: tafua

        Tafua cannot play next week, simple as that !!
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        • Aussie Battler

          Aussie Battler Well-Known Member

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          RE: tafua

          Not shooting down, but come on. One minute we pride ourselves on how players with nothing left come to our club and make something for themselves, then the next minute we crucify them when they have an off night. The days of buying your Boustead, Ribot de Bressac, Mooney are over. Accept what we've got and support them.
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          • COMMANDER

            COMMANDER IF YOU DO NOT TRY YOU CAN NOT FAIL 2016 Tipping Competitor

            RE: tafua

            Can't believe it took so long for an opposition team to figure it out.
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            • Chip and Chase

              Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

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              RE: tafua

              I'm a Horhay fan normally but this shoulder injury has really hampered him this season. He was looking like a SOO possibility on last years form. This year he is looking like a NSW cup possibility.
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              • KaZa

                KaZa Well-Known Member

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                RE: tafua

                yeah hes done for this year. I would even bring Wolfie back over him.. drops the same amount of bombs but at least he can run.

                Blair or Gutho in for mine.
              • The Eagle Has Landed

                The Eagle Has Landed Well-Known Member

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                RE: tafua

                Horhay would have to be the worst diffuser of bombs I have seen. He just lets them bounce. Opposing teams are on to this and if they aren't they should be.
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                • HK_Eagle

                  HK_Eagle Well-Known Member

                  Hong Kong
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                  RE: tafua

                  I think most of his year has been like this unfortunately. Nowhere near 2013 heights. With so many forwards out it is exactly Jorge who should be stepping up to the plate to support his forwards with great bustling runs from deep inside our own territory. Even when he manages to not screw up a bomb headed his way, the powerhouse runs have been fewer and further apart this year.
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                  • Masked Eagle

                    Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

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                    RE: tafua

                    Definitely a talent but he is more than a bit lost when under pressure under a high ball. People have mentioned his injuries and I'm sure that's played a part, but even when he was going last year it was a still an issue for us. He was probably lucky to an extent that Wolfie was in the team and seemed to be the oppositions number 1 choice to bomb, but with Hiku reasonably good under a bomb it means Jorhay is an easy target and will definitely cop some more of it.
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                    • Bandit

                      Bandit Well-Known Member

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                      RE: tafua

                      Wouldn't mind seeing him used as an edge 2nd-rower.

                      Blair & Gutho would be my wingers.

                      Hiku is snake's eventual replacement @ fullback, or covers injuries. He's too slow to play wing and also still needs to work on his defence.
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                      • Moondog

                        Moondog Amazing Blue Footed Boobie Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

                        Hervey Bay
                        +3,659 /32
                        RE: tafua

                        Blair has got to start next game. I wish we'd had him out there last night.
                      • SwornEagle

                        SwornEagle Well-Known Member

                        +181 /3
                        RE: tafua

                        Gutherson in for Tafua. Tafua to the bench to replace Hasson.

                        Gutherson is excellent under the high ball, he can leap high and take a bomb like an AFL player.

                        In finals football, Tafua will be targeted under high balls all night, just as the Cowboys game highlighted. It will be like Wolfman all over again.

                        I'm sorry, but with a weakened forward pack like ours, you can't have weakness out wide like Taufua under the high ball.
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                        • sheridanstand78

                          sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

                          +3,329 /51
                          RE: tafua

                          Too often, he allows the bomb to bounce and is reluctant to attack the ball, this is a weakness that needs to be addressed cause if you were coaching against us, you would instruct your kickers to always bomb his side.

                          I do not know why Cheyse Blair is not in the 17 as he is very reliable under the high ball.
                        • mickqld

                          mickqld Sack Greenslime 2016 Tipping Competitor

                          Gold Coast
                          +3,784 /61
                          RE: tafua

                          Funny but I don't remember Jorge being in the middle responsible for the woeful defense when Robert Lui strolled through. The whole team was to blame for last night.
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                          • silvertail

                            silvertail Well-Known Member

                            +398 /6
                            RE: tafua

                            He does not deserve a wing spot in first semi. His ability to catch a bomb is at under 7s standard.

                            There have been many games this year when he was lucky that he was not targeted with bombs. He was exposed last night.

                            No brainer. Gutherson or Blair to take his spot depending on whether Stewart plays.
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                            • NYEagle

                              NYEagle Well-Known Member

                              +1,150 /69
                              RE: tafua

                              Just look at the bomb that led to the first try off a bomb - the way Tafua approached the situation. He had no intention to go after the ball and when he went after the player catching it it was so half hearted. I thought it was rather disturbing to see.

                              Not the type of play you want to see from a player in the semi finals.
                            • bones

                              bones Bones Knows Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

                              +9,036 /102
                              RE: tafua

                              When he is fully fit. I don't think he been fully fit all year. He looks to be carrying an injury.
                            • seaeagledave

                              seaeagledave Active Member

                              +59 /2
                              RE: tafua

                              I agree with some of the other comments. Would love to see him as part of the forward rotation as he is a strong reliable runner of the football. Strengthens our bench plus also removes the issue of him under the high ball.
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