Tall Lovers/Short Ones???

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Is being tall, dark and handsome still the ideal mix for the modern woman? It's a question that my mate James is hankering to know. And while it may have rung true in the hunter-gatherer days (big and burly always got the kill), these days it seems the answer from women is a resounding no. (Or so they vehemently declare.)

Yet scientists have discovered that perhaps James's hypothesis might actually ring true. Apparently taller men have greater reproductive success. In other words, they're more likely to get women knocked up.

The study, carried out by evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar at the University of Liverpool in England, found that of the 4419 respondents of healthy men aged between 25 and 60, blokes who had at least one child were 3cm taller than those who had none. They also found that on dating websites, shorter gents were reluctant to declare their height to women on a manhunt. Why? Dunbar reckons the reason is simple: men know what women want. And it ain't short blokes.

Intellectual folks at the University of Essex backed up this theory when they analysed speed dating sessions - (apparently the new microcosm of the dating world) - and found that every extra inch on a lothario's head equals a 5 per cent rise in the number of women interested!

Then there's the research carried out by Princeton University, which found that the taller you are, the more dough you earn. And if you're taller than average, you can expect to earn a whopping 10 per cent more than your shorter contemporaries!

So what does that mean for the rest of us? Surely if we're a tad shorter than what the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports as the average height (for Aussie men it's 178cm and for women it's 164cm), are we disadvantaged everywhere from in the boardroom to the bedroom?
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I can't believe it took 11 posts within this thread for me to be bought up - hahahaha.

But there is always the exception to the rule, when your short, hung and handsome...

155 cm's for me and proud of it.

Makes slow dancin with thu ladies fun...
Makes dissapearing in the crowd (for whatever reason cough, cough) easy enough...
Makes buying shoes / clothes a lot cheaper...
Makes riding horses faster....hehehe
Makes people under estimate....
makes riding the kids rides at the circus easier....
makes any bed a big bed.....
makes it less distance to go down on a bird....
makes it less distance to come back up....

jeez...I could go on....

Actually, here's a challenge for everyone...lets make the shortest person YART. I'll start...you guys fill in the gaps:-

01. Preston Campbell
06. Rob Burrow (Import)
07. Matt Orford
08. Danny Nutley
09. Ian Lacey


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Ryan Leanne and I are still waiting for the BBq you promised us
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Your welcome anytime mate. Give us a call on the day, and I'll spark up the ol' 4 burner.

Your a lot more busy than this ol' mug who just stays at home with the fam.

Whenever your able, we're on.

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