Sydney Contiki Tour - anyone interested?

The Wheel
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Why go overseas, when you can go on Contiki right here???

CONTIKI - South Western Sydney Lowlights.

DAY 1 -
Meet your new travel-mates in our hotel in Beautiful Emu Plains. At night you have the chance to score your own crack in Cabramatta.

DAY 2 -
After breakfast we will get mugged in Minto before having lunch at Blacktown KFC. Tonight why not participate in a riot at Macquarie Fields!

DAY 3 -
Today is your choice! You have the option of fishing in Blacktown Creek Or taking a day-trip to the Kings Cross Heroin Injecting Room. Tonight we experience a cabaret show at Rooty Hill RSL, "The Vegas of the West".

DAY 4 -
After seeing the real bullet holes in the walls of Granville Police Station, we will get car-jacked in Sefton before being an accomplice in a stolen WRX and ram-raiding a cigarette store in Fairfield.

DAY 5 -
Today we will get the **** bashed out of us in downtown Punchbowl by a gang of 30 or 40. We will have lunch at Auburn Macca s before an afternoon swim in the Parramatta River. Tonight is party night as we head up the coast to classy Club Troppo.

DAY 6 -
An early start today as we witness a convenience store hold-up in Blackett. We then have an opportunity to get knifed in Bonnyrigg. Tonight we get caught up in a riot at a Canterbury Bulldogs game.

DAY 7 -
This morning is another early start as Silverwater Prison is the backdrop to our group photo (optional). We then take part in a shoot-up at picturesque Lakemba. Tonight is an included dinner in the Bistro at Blacktown RSL.

DAY 8 -
Today is a free day to explore the beautiful suburb of Mt. Druitt at Your leisure.

DAY 9 -
Today we explore Villawood Detention Centre. In the afternoon why not take part in a guided tour down Everleigh St, Redfern. In the evening a chance to farewell your new friends at the end of tour dinner at Krispy Kreme Penrith.

9 days travelling in the comfort of a Ford Escort with bullet-proof windows and sub-woofer. 6 nights accommodation in F1 Hotels. 3 nights in Best Western Hotels.

Day song - "I shot the Sheriff". Wake-up song - "Gangster's Paradise".

Driver - Wazza. Tour Leader - Mustafa.

Only $199 plus food fund. (Personal Injury insurance of $4000 not


Kim Jong Dan
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bloody gold troppo now theres some dark and dingy memories!


Journey Man
You could add an optional extra of an overnight trip to Dubbo's Gordon Estate where you could toast marshmallows on the nightly house fire.


Yeh they torched my brother-in-laws house a couple of months ago in another area of Dubbo.


Not sure of the suburb but his house was in Eden Park Avenue which I think is in East Dubbo. He is an engineer with Dubbo council.

He went away one weekend to visit his parents and got a call to say that his house has been broken into and torched.

The funny thing is that he now actually now feels sorry for the young kids who did it because they just roam the streets and don't really have a home to go to. The parents (it there are any) don't care about them or are always drunk.


Journey Man
Yeah, Eden Park Avenue is Eastridge. Wierd set-up over there. They dumped the swankiest part of town right next to a housing commission area called "The Bronx". Some say the Bronx is worse than Gordon Estate.

All the separates them is a road - Websdale Avenue, which is ordinary one one side and landscaped on the other!

The posh part all has Rugby names (eg Eden Park, Twickenham etc), the slum is named after spaceships and astronauts. I guess they figure they're from another world.

It's actually quite amazing that what happened to your brothers house is generally isolated.

In Dubbo's defence, they're trying a lot of innovative (groundbreaking even) programs to try and change the situation.


When we last visited him at Xmas 2003 (it was about 45C when we got into town) he told us not to park our cars on the street otherwise the kids joyriding at night would probably sideswipe them or steal them. I wasn't quite used to this coming from balgowlah (that is more like manly ha ha).

He had a nice house but warned us not go go over the bridge if we were driving around looking at the town as this was a no go zone (I assume this is where Gordon estate is) and we would proabbly have bricks thrown at us.

Not sure if you saw 4 corners last week but they had a story on it about "the circle" which is where aboriginals in trouble with the law have the choice of having their sentence determined by a group of elders.

Eseentially what they are trying to do is shame them into not offending again. It started on the NSw south coast and apparantly has a high success rate.

They are about the introduce it to Dubbo and a few other regional centres which have a high indigenious population. Hopefully this will help.


Kim Jong Dan
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one da these kids will be the elders! The problem wont go away....there is a more drastic solution!


Journey Man
He'ss being a bit dramatic - given that I live 10km out of town and have to drive past Gordon Estate several times each day. I've been rocked once in 4 years.

Look, I wouldn't be too keen to live in Gordon Estate but its nowhere near as bad as the publicity it receives (burned houses aside).

I watched that 4 Corners. It'll go alright here though I think there's something to be said for intervention BEFORE they offend.


I doubt that he has even been there and probably only relays what he hears from other people at council about the area and what he has heard in the media.

I think that the fire brigade might have had it is a no go zone for a short while unless they were accompanied by police because they were getting pelted by rocks while putting out fires. This happens in a lot of area in sydney as well.

While we wouldn't want to live in places like Gordon estate the problems are usually caused by boredom and lack of parental care.

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