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How good was that! I only watched the last 10 minutes after hearing them behind by 20 earlier in a very low scoring game.

Talk about get out of goal. You have to get into the emotion of sport - to see victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. That Nick Davis is something special. :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I kind of felt for the Geelong players and supporters - thinking back to the roller coaster of emotions on the day of the Brookie match against the Cowboys!! 8| 8| 8|


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I love the Swans... just ask Daniel.

However... not being in Australia anymore, I tried desperately not to know the result of last weekend's match as I downloaded the game. To the point of making Dan change the channel as we were talking, in case I overheard anything. Instead, I got two emails that nonchalantly mention the result.

No worries, I thought: I emailed everyone and told them that I didn't want to know the result... that I was downloading it, and now I read this??

Yes, it serves myself right for not knowing that the game was on a Thursday, but for the sake of another fan of the team, can we please just mention somewhere in the topic that the discussion has a spoiler in it?

Silly me, I assumed that you were going to discuss going to the game, and ironically was coming to ask that no-one discuss the result.

Sorry, guys, that's my little burst of anger. However, I'm extremely glad they won!

Daniel: you should just be happy it wasn't you... you know the rousing you would have got from me!

And CW: just a quick pat on the back for bringing the game up. Good to hear you liked watching it!


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Oh and on another note: for those of you who are interested in downloading any games... aussietorrents.com is a great site. Although they generally use other trackers (eg. Demonoid and Mininova) it's the one-stop-shop for finding which games are available...


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lol sorry linclon when i saw your name on this thread I thought I would see a blast from you :D

sorry dude. It was a cracking game though. Hope you enjoy it.

Also torrents go way over these guys heads :D


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it was an awesome game, the first and last quarter were great The thing this game and the WCE game shows it that both teams are capable of pulling away in the last quarter if you give them half a sniff


The AFL would love for the Swanies to get up (as I would) but be wary boys the AFL have their site's on Sydney and another team.
Good for some maybe, but probably not rugby league!

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